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você é alfa, beta ou ômega? qual é seu cheiro?

a versão brasileiríssima do teste clássico a/b/o com os cheiros também clássicos. se você não gostar do seu resultado, altere seu nome para um apelido ou semelhante <3 se quiser, me marque no twitter quando postar seu resultado, @borahaeknj

Your Daily Monster Girl

(Version 1.63) Updated syntax, renamed. || Height is measured at a "standing" position, so Lamias, etc. are longer than their height stat suggests. || Please send any comments/suggestions/bugs to my Twitter.Previously titled "You as a monster girl!"
Your Daily Monster Girl

nct as your twitter mutuals

hello im not an ot21zen

1 Like 1 Thing

Post to twitter and get free likes, also feel free to personalize your diagnosis

Your Gay Furry Roommate

Discover who your new gay furry roommate is, what he's like, and how you two will get along! #NSFW Take a screenshot of your results, as they're too long for Twitter!

your life on twitter as a gg stan

who you stan, what kind of stan you are, and more

catboy generator

Make your own catboy!(If you draw your catboy, please tag me on twitter! I'd love to see them!)

AkaiRiot Character Design Generator

Ever wondered what you'd look like as an Akai Riot character design? Now you can find out.http://www.twitter.com/akairiot

what stan account are you?

which twitter stan account stereotype do you fall under?

Twitter Gakuen!


Your twitter challenge

Tell you what you are going to do depending on how many people retweet or favorite

Twitter Dare

Can you do it?

What Anime Girl Archetype Are You? Poll

Create a Twitter poll using your results and ask your friends to vote on which they think you most are! You have to manually turn your results into a poll. If a result is repeated, just put it once.

keysmash generator

a keyboard smash generator, including examples lovingly culled from real life stan twitter tweets lmao

A Letter From your Crush

you got 1 new message. A short message but really important.Follow for updates: https://twitter.com/IdelHahaha

Seventeen as Twitter Mutuals

(i saw this done for loona and nct so here's a svt one)

your gg stan twitter life

who are u on stan twt

The Boyz as your Twitter Mutuals

the boyz as your twitter mutual~

Describe your Twitter

Describes your Twitter in one word or phrase.

X1 as twitter moots

You're now mutuals with X1 ❤️

Anitwitter Stat Simulator

what are your anitwitter stats really like?

Witchsona/Wizardsona Maker

Make your witch/wizard and draw him/her! If you want a different result, just try using your surname as well or your middle name or your initials or twitter handle

Unstable Transformation Picker (WiP)

You've incurred the wrath of Shindan and met with a terrible(?) fate![CONTENT WARNING: YUCKY]A WiP random transformation generator.Upcoming: an even larger species list, suggest species and qualities to @TedMayInquire on Twitter!

Your kpop stan twt life

Your life on kpop stan twitter.

Cute Clown Girl Generator

Creates a cute clown OC! @_98fumi on twitter (nsfw)

red velvet as your twitter mutuals

your twitter relations with rv members

Your Obey Me date!💕

Your'e going on a date with ... who?👀💓Results will be different from day to day🥰💘follow my IG @ aoiro_12 or twitter @ a0iro12 💘
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