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Which Undertale Song Would Be Your Theme?

With links. Some results have spoilers.

which bts song are you

what bangtan song are you

What BTS song describes your 2020?

Will you be an IDOL this year, or will you end up setting FIRE all year round?

which nct song are you?

*mark voice* it's a ~bop~

what is your k-pop song?

Find out which k-pop song fits you!


jojosona generator because i can. i'm procrastinating. don't look at me--all stand names are actual songs, artists, or albums!

What kpop song are you?

What song describes your life. OuO

what ateez song are you

“bad bitch puerto rican” — ateez

K-pop Songwriter

Generates a random song composition

What RWBY song is your theme song?

Will include the ones that are known and trailer versions.

Your character song theme

find out which personality you will show the most for your character song~!

what song should you be listening to right now?

find out what song is the best for you

Which BTS song title describes your life

Find out which BTS song title describes your current state of life.

Your Love Live Date

Which girl you get a date with and what song they sing for you :^)

What Disney Song Are You?

Who doesn't love Disney songs? I say its time for you to find out which one you are at heart! :D

which nct song are you? [u p d a t e d]

uh hello it’s been a year n pls stream kick it xx

What NCT song are you

every song is included up to the simon says repackage from all units !

Ultimate Kpop Shindan

You perform a kpop song with a kpop group somewhere ;)

Your Love Live Song!

What song by u's/Printemps/BiBi/lily white/A-RISE describes you the best?

What songs will you cover in Produce 101?

What songs will you cover in Produce 101?

Your SHINee song!

What a song are you?

What is your theme song?

It's not supposed to make sense.

What's your Vocaloid song?

Title says it all.

which mcr song will be played at your funeral?

there are a couple solo projects and random songs too

Just Dance Song Creator

What would your song be like in Just Dance

Your NND Duet

Find out your destined Nico Nico Douga duet partner and song!

which song of blackpink you are

says which one of blackpink you are

Your day6 song

The title says it all I guess
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