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What Animal Crossing personality type are you?

This chart shows you your Animal Crossing villager personality type such as Jock or Peppy :)
What Animal Crossing personality type are you?

Quick character elaborator

For those times when I drew a man and he didn't actually have a personality. Prepackaged personalities.
Quick character elaborator

Ultimate Dragon OC Creator

Gives your dragon a type, a personality, an appearance, plus Alignment.

Scaly Sona Generator

Tired of being a STINKY furry? Want something with scales? I got you.


Personality traits

Unique Fursona Generator

Tired of all the normie furred fursonas? Want to be different? You want scales, scutes, spikes, fins, gills, frills, or just something that isn't a dog? I got you bro. https://ingridsundberg.com/2014/02/04/the-color-thesaurus/ Colors found here!

love swag

the boy with a bad personality loving a sweet girl


personality traits

Personality Disorder

May cause ejaculation

Stats For: Evannah

What Is Your Personality?


mika's personality

Personality jrkdkdjdskdjjx


Real Personality Check

This will show your.. real personality! (this is not true)

Horni Character Creator

a randomized character creator, just give a name you want to use and it'll generate a character for you. Personality will not be a factor here because it is too complex, plus, you are allowed to adjust any of the factors given to you however you like

whole personality generator

mbti, enneagram, instinctual variant, alignment and temperament.

Cookie Run OC Maker 2

more in-depth OC maker for Cookie Run! with more flavors, personality traits, etc.


your very own warriors community discord persona from another universe... remastered for 2021

abi assigned pokesona

heres ur pokesona according to My Brain big WIP

Inner Self versus Outer Self

As an individual, one has its simplicity and complexity. Frosty Yuki Onna was born at the peak of snow mountain but longs for spring. Is your inner self the same as your outer self? What is the colour of your personality as a whole?

Persona 3/4/5 Universe Maker

What if you were part of the Persona 3, 4, and 5 universe? (Only includes Major characters, and includes Golden, Royal, and Strikers)

Government Assigned Fursona

find ur government assigned fursona lol

Barnumic Personality Profiler

This assessment measures your personality based only on your name.

Ordem Paranormal! Quer testar?

Só um pouco de coisas aleatorias sobre um personagem seu no universo de rpg do Cellbit!

Create a Socc

using any shared traits, we'll kin assign you a maybe new, maybe pre-existing SOCCraft member
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