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Seven Sins

What is your biggest sin?(Values range from 1 to 10)

How strong are the Deadly Sins in you?

Percentage meter.

Which Deadly Sins describe you the best

Good to see you sinning.

Deadly Sins

Find out which sin you are and why.

7 deadly sins

What are your deadliest sins?

What Are You Going to Hell For?

A test to see what sins are taking you to the deepest depths of Lucifer!

Your Sins

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins apply to you?


testing this don't worry

Demon Type

What type of demon are you? Based on elements and the seven sins!

You're Mysterious Supernatural Ability

This will decide if your given a blessing from the goddess clan, been cursed by the demon clan, or develop a power of you're own in the Seven Deadly Sins World.



Really Good Insult Generator

For when you really want to obliterate someone. Write in their name and watch them explode.

are you pure?

r u a pure bean with no sins?


Meliodas「メリオダス」 is the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the main protagonist of the series and was the owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat. His Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his inherent power is Full C

What Seven Deadly Sin are you

What Seven Deadly Sin from the seven deadly sins anime are you?

Personification Of Wonderland

Hello There My Dear!~ I am the Personification Of Wonderland. I am dearest cousins to Arthur Kirkland (England)/ Oliver Kirkland (2PEngland), and few others Countries/States.(Admin: Are You One?)Maybe to Some demons, as well.

The Seven Deadly Sins Chart

Which demon would you vibe with?

the dark sins

a radar graph of how you rank in the darkest sins


What is you're power and combat class in nanatsu no taizai/seven deadly sins

Your Life in Seven Deadly Sins


7 Deadly Sins powers

Find out what is you would be and what power you have acquired from that said sin.

What Ten Commandment Are You

What Ten Commandment are you from The Seven Deadly Sins Anime are you?

What's Your Biggest Virtue?

who need sins if there are virtues?

AoM Sin Scanner

Measuring AoM User's Sin Levels Since 2016

Assassins Pride Class

Just a thing I felt like making! Try it!


a albino wolf a female very pretty and kind was close to killing purple guy but was stopped by chica she hates chica, cousins with mangle. has a crush on bony then chica stole him and made wolfy feel bad. purple guy got a hold of her parents.

Vali der Tradat

Assassins class in anygame

Communes de France : Marne (51)

les raisins du Grand Est
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