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Which Enstars Unit do you belong to? [POLL]

You're now in Yumnosaki Academy, but which on is your unit? Are you a Sentai Hero or a Rabbit?

Your Ranger Name

What's your role in the sentai universe?

Super Sentai Motif Generator

A generator for the five-colored warriors.

What Super Sentai team are you?

Super Sentai is a awesome show in Japan. If you watch it you will now some of these teams

Super Sentai Team Creator

What team are you apart of?

A New Sentai/Power Ranger?

What kind of Super Sentai / Power Ranger show would you be on?

Wreckstate Monster Generator

find out ur inner monster based off my ocverse. You, too can have a pal just like wreckstation. make your own silly sentai/power ranger style motw!!


assigns u a ranger colour/weapon + some other things

What is your Theme on Super Sentai?

What is theme do you generated in Super Sentai

Which Sentai Ranger are you?

Find out which member of which Super Sentai team you are with this simple test!

Giant Sentai Robo Creator

What giant robo will you pilot?

My name.

My sentai ranger name.
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