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Are you Satan?

Well, are you?

Who is your Obey Me boyfriend?

Is it Satan? Mammon? Maybe Lucifer?

Satanic Name Generator

What name will the Prince of Darkness bestow upon you?

Your Venomanian Harem

You are the Duke/Duchess of Venomania. You've sold your soul to Satan and now members of both genders make up your harem.


metal, satan, pizza

Your hidden dark powers

Lets see what Lord satan offered you when you were born

Aichuus Meet Pepe

Pepe memes are literal satan tbh

Satanic Hellspawn Generator

Congradulations! You've just arrived in hell and now you are to become one of Satan's minions for the rest of eternity! Enjoy your stay!

Satan Highschool

aka Sathanos Gakuen: Mystery of Goetia is a visual novel about a high school in a remote region of Japan, where several of the students are apparently vessels for evil spirits & the faculty are rumored to be resurrecting demons.

I'm satanic son

I am a cursed

satan's fortune 666

This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.


Satan t'as envoyé un familier.


A big Demon who love to party with Satan on a Friday nights

quem tu namora no satans

so na mamada


Satan with human body Evil crazy clever

Shane swart

Gayyy but in love with satan


aaaa nothing
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