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who is your monsta x soulmate??

who is your soulmate in King Rookie Group to end all rookie groups monsta x

How'd Your Relationship End?

Rookies are busy these days and can't have girlfriends. How did your break up end?

Your NCT Boyfriend

Try getting your bias. I included Mark but not the minirookies.

Shrunk in the forest...!!!

You are just a rookie adventure who just started your first adventure in nearby forest but suddenly you shrunk into ant size! and someone there!!! what going on!?

Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 1/6)

If you were a Digidestined what would your journey be like? Let's find out! First you need your Digimon! (NOTE: All Digimon are Rookie-level Digimon.)

Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 3/6)

Uh-oh! There's trouble! Looks like it's time for your Rookie Digimon to Digivolve into a Champion, but how and why does it happen? Read like this, You're partner digivolves:

Your Digimon partner is?

This is just a list of Rookie Digimon who would be your Digimon partner

Your Digimon Partners, Digivice and Crest

I use the English dub names for the Crests. You'll also have up to four Rookie partners.

Rookie matchup

Match yourself with kpop 2012 rookies (boy version)

Rookie Love

Which rookie group member will you fall in love with?

Position in gg

your position in a rookie girl group

how much does rookie 12 like u?

the person who likes u most is who u end up with i dont make the rules

Rookie Match

Tells you which 2012 rookie group member you're going to get with!


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