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The OTP Song

Your OTP + Song = Result!!That’s how it works. The songs can be found on: MrSuicideSheep and GalaxyMusic, or just YouTube in general. Probably Spotify too, if you have that.

Hey! Listen to this music!

If only you're bored, try to listen to the music, go google it to find out! (Mostly 90s musics)


When you have an obsession with anyone korean related. Korean boys, their dic-, girls, music, etc.

Which Wave are You?

Are you nostalgic retrowave/synthwave or aesthetic vaporwave?(synthwave is genre of music, retrowave is something like setting)


Half wolf half human, girl, 19, fell down Mount Ebott when she was 14. Stubborn and loves art, music, and memes.

Canary Crab

Cats, Internet, Video Games, Japan, Anime, Manga, Food, Music, Art

Idk what to say

loves music, rapping and dancing

Summer Rae Butler

Tododeku personality, likes drawing, eating, sleeping, music, Pikachu, and ramen


Carbon-based bi-pedal life-form. High School teacher of Film, Media, Music, Food and Keeping it Real. Supervisor of rabbits. Opinions are subjective


Kind, nice, a good friend, shy, nervous, love music, love to learn

Karen Reyes

Loves Kpop, art, music, games, fashion, fun, food, etc.


I like listening to music, eating, buying clothes.

Sam Raffield

Loves music,hiking, being active and making music specifically. I feel pretty confident In where I am in life right now and I’m pumped to move out

Obed Cruz

Games, music, nikes, and Jordan's


Loves videos games, reading, music, dogs


I like sports, art, gaming and music, and im very friendly and very calm


my interests revolve around music, fashion, adult swim and anime
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