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How milky do you get? [NSFW] [HYPER]

Everyone loves boobs and milk, so how much milk do you produce?

Milku's fantasy OC generator

Make the fantasy character of your dreams!!

Which milk flavor are you?

all delicious ♥

Your Milkshake

Does your milkshake brings all boys in the yard?

NMB Comparisons 1

Find out whether you prefer Milky or Sayanee and more.

Which Sad Milk person are you

Which Sad Milk youtuber are you?

Which Milkshake are you



eat fat peoples

Milker Status!

Welcome to Milk Co! We are interested in the well being of our producers and are hoping you will join!(Note: anything signed is permanent)

i like the milk from aldis

i like the milk from aldis

are you spoiled milk ?

a diagnosis to see if youre spoiled milk , simple .


Milk juice

Did dad forget the milk?

Did your father forget the milk?


kinda dumb

choi beomgyu

cute, soft

Siapakah jodoh caretaker jalansusu mu?

Buat anak milkyways!



i like aldis milk

are you liek tje


and idiot

yes im coll

milk is hot


I'm unsure

Yamilkar it me



loves chocolate milk
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