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How Lesbian are you?

Example: [■□□□□□□□□□] 10% Lesbian!

who is you assigned kpop lesbian

omg who is ur sapphic kpopie

How Lesbian Are U

find out how lesbian you are

Which Danganronpa girl is in love with you?

Ever wonder which girl would fall for your little lesbian heart? Well, this is the generator for you!

How lesbian are you today?

Find out how lesbian you are today!

what's ur lesbian alignment

are you the true futch? lawful butch? chaotic femme?

What is your yuri OTP?

What famous anime lesbians do you ship and are they canon? Find out! (list expands whenever I feel like it)

What is your sexuality? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Find out what your sexuality is! :0You're either gay, straight, lesbian, pan, or bi!

lesbian supporters

are they a lesbian supporter

which naruto girl is your gf

this one goes out to all the lesbians

which kpop lesbian is ur bff

self explanatory

Your lesbian family in Kpop

What would your lesbian family be in kpop?

How much lesbian/gay/straight you are?

Determinate how much gay overall you are.

What kind of lesbian are you?

Put in your name. You will be diagnosed.

what fictional lesbian are u

lesbians i like.. which is ur government assigned lesbian

Who's Government Assigned Lesbian Are You?

LESBIANS! which kpop boy are You assigned to!


hi im boring & lesbian


lesbian dyke

All Queer Six Cast

Aimie, Courtney, Genesis, Harriet, and Hazel are WLW/queer. Alicia, Cassy, Maddison, and Millie are pansexual. Ashleigh, Holly, Jodie, and Kelly are bisexual. Karis and Shannen are lesbians. Tilda is non-binary.


Faggot lesbian


A stupid lesbian that doesn’t know how to do math.


Feral lesbian


lesbian dumbass
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