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Who is your Husband / Wife?

[Kuroko no Basket] Who will be your Husband and your Wife? lol

Kuroko no Baske Confession

You finally confessed to your crush! How does it go?

Kuroko No Basuke OC Generator

Title says it all.

Kuroko no Harem

Who's in your harem ?

Your Kuroko no Basuke Family

What kind of basketball family do you have?

Kuroko no Basuke Smut

Extended version of Kiseki no Sedai Smut, with more characters and results.

Kuroko no Basuke lover

Diagnoses your Kuroko no Basuke lover

Which kuroko character are you

Which kuroko no basuke character are you?

Your Kuroko no Basuke date

Find your perfect date from Kuroko no Basuke character.

Your Kuroko no Basuke holiday

How would your holiday go with the KnB characters

Kuroko No basuke Husband

Who will be your KNB husband?

Your life in Kuroko No Basuke

One day after school at Teikou Middle School ... <Results changes daily ;)>

Who R U in Kuroko no Basket


Kuroko No Basket Kiss

Who want kiss you?

krbs retweet dare

a "kuroko no basuke"-themed retweet dare! based on 217054.

Love in Kuroko no Basuke

how's your life going to be in kurobasu

Kuroko no Basket Random Situation

Find out what Kuroko no Basket Char is doing to or with you and why!

Kuroko no Basuke CP

Diagnoses your KuroBasu couple of the day ☆ (※ lots of minor characters)

Kuroko no Basuke Art Challenge

Which Kuroko no Basuke character should you draw today?

your date in Kuroko no Basuke

who will be your date? and what will you two be doing?

kuroko no valentine

Love is in the air

Your OC in KnB theme

Your OC in Kuroko no Basket theme. Special thanks to Zapkun.

Kuroko no Basuke


Kurokocchi and kise

kurokocchi dumps kise

Hello, it's awkward.

Kuroko Tetsuya desu
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