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Instant Shakespearean Insult Machine

Generate a sick Shakespeare-inspired burn!

What's your Insult for today?

What should your insult be today?

Really Good Insult Generator

For when you really want to obliterate someone. Write in their name and watch them explode.

Insult generator

WipContains really foul language

get insulted

get insulted like a gradeschooler

Stupid Insult Generator

Need a dumb insult? You've come to the right place!

Which German word are you?

Gives you a German word with a literal translation and no context or explanation whatsoever.Most of these are insulting in some way. My sincerest apologies.

Sanhora Insult/Argument Generator

kinda based off of that one tumblr insult generator but with x7 more dead princesses

detective themed insults

for sarcastically highlighting that someone is not the world's finest detective

Alternative Insult Generator

Ever wanted to insult someone, but also be innovative? This is for you! If both adjectives are the same, you can just use that adjective once in your insult.

Shakespearean Insult Of The Day

Your own personal Shakespearean insult! Insult your friends, romantic rivals, or even English teachers with flair!

Un mote para tu kpop boy.

Todos tenemos que poner un mote a nuestros hijos. No es insulto si se dice con amor.

What weird insult should people use for you?

see the truth.

AVGN insult generator

Need some compound cuss words for a AVGN episode? This might be the right thing for you.

compliment or insult?

what does komi think about you!

Zorak Insult Generator

generate an insult that zorak would use for space ghost. then use it on your local space ghost.

Random silly insult maker

a random silly insult maker

What Should You Call Knighty?

He's a horrible person, so why should you have to think up insults?

Minimakoto Insult Generator

Exactly what it sounds like

Insults Without Cursing

Is someone being rude to you? Can you not curse at them? Damn, what a specific situation, this is the right thing for you, maybe. You're gonna say some prety weird stuff.

Link's nerd scale

This scale accurately captures the amount of how much one's character relates to the title"nerd". This term is used for those who indulge in activities most describe as "nerdy", and is most commonly used to insult others.
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