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Male muscle/hyper growth! How big will you grow?

You're getting huge! How big will you get, how will you grow, and what will you do after?

How milky do you get? [NSFW] [HYPER]

Everyone loves boobs and milk, so how much milk do you produce?

Preggo Meter [NSFW] [HYPER PREG]

You have just gotten pregnant. See who impregnated you and how big you have gotten.

My Hyper Furry Bodybuilder Boyfriend

Who's your big hunky new encounter?

Your Hyper Furry growth

This diagnosis will tell you what furry you will become, how big you will grow and why .Includes: species,muscles,height and genitles(As well as what they may do with said member)WARNING this is most definatly Ad1lt C0ntent

Monstrous muscle TF/Growth

A strange encounter causes some big changes. What has become of you?[NSFW] and [Cock Vore] WARNINGThemes of multi-limbs, multi-cock, hyper, vore, tentacles, hyper muscle, and monstrous proportions.

Dick growth! [HYPER]

Quantitative version! Lotsa numbers and whatnot. How much did you grow and how quickly?*Hyperness of results may vary

Bara Kemono + Hyper Meetup

Find out who is your perfect match and how you two meet- that is, if you like overly endowed, huge-all-over males!

Furry Male Science

Time to test on some male furry subjects! So grab your lab coat and have some fun!It contains muscle and hyper grow.DISCLAIMER: This is basically p0rn and it's extreme be aware.

Your hyper muscle furry avatar

Find out how big and huge your muscle hyper self would be!

Magical Girl Fabulous -Hyper-

a strictly superior magical girl diagnostic device

Hyper Puberty

Everybody hates puberty; hypers have a reason.

How much can you cum? [HYPER]

So you can fill up a gallon jug with a single stroke - big deal! Just how much can you really cum?Oh, and how fast can you do it?

What Hyperdimension Neptunia girl will you date?

find out who you date in Hyperdimension Neptunia, and how it goes.

Hyper Furry Maker

Jump in and become a Hyper Furry yourself.

Neptunia girl Date

What Hyperdimension Neptunia girl will you date and where

Hyper Bara Fursona

You wake up one day as a hypermasculine furry...

hyper cock growth [multicock]

see how mind breakingly massive your characters cock(s) will get and how they will cum and how quickly!

Who is your Hyperdimension Neptunia waifu?

Lets see... ^~^(Note: only godesses)

Are you abosolutely love HyperDimension Neptunia?

Test your love on Hyperdimension Neptunia

Your Hyperdimension Neptunia Waifu

There are a plethora of lovely ladies from the Neptunia series! Which girl will you snag as a waifu, hm?If you want to look up the girl you got, visit this page: http://neptunia.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Female_Characters

Which Hyperdimension Neptunia character are you?

HDN has a TON of characters, so not all of them will be here. Sorry.

Your Own IIDX SP 8-dan-tter

Gives a singleplay 8th-dan IIDX course designed especially for you! (All results are on Hyper difficulty. Inspired by, but not a direct TL of the original JP at http://shindanmaker.com/184721 . Abbreviated songs sometimes used.)

Your Ao Oni fate

first time making a shindan and what better way to start than by making one out of my biggest hyperfixation.all the deaths are based off canon deaths in the games and movies, also theres only 1 "survive" option so most likely ur gonna get eaten F



Hyper Butt

Generates a description of a name's hyper butt! This gets into some pretty absurd sizes.

Fate/Hyperlinked character stat rolls

Making a nonstandard character for Fate/Hyperlinked? Please try this!

What's your 100% Orange Juice character?

Find out what your OJ character's stats and hyper would be like.

Hyper Hammerspace Shortstack Whatever

I made this to satisfy a particularly peculiar itch of mine and to create random scenarios around it. Nothing like butts breaking the laws of physics!

Are you a real bitch

Find out if you are the realest bitch that rests above all hoes
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