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What RWBY paring should be your OTP?

Better late then never! Find your OTP!https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/138747/94049145/RWBY-Ships-and-OTPsNot all parings are here.

Your HS fic destiny!

What kind of Homestuck fanfiction will you write?

ateez scenarios in a fanfiction

find out your scenario with ateez in a cliche fanfiction!

What kind of fic are you?

What genre fanfiction should you write/read?(I'm testing the radar chart function. It's pretty cool!)

What's your Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan-fiction?

Generates a PMMM fan-fiction summary.

ace attorney

like that jojo one where weirdos do fanfiction with you but with ace attorney. from PW1 to dual destinies. secondary choices for any result that might be inappropriate for the first one lol

Which Common Fanfiction Tag Are You?

There are many tropes and genres in our favorite and most feared fanfictions. Which one will you be tagged as?

Homestuck Story

Wanna write a story/fanfiction? Come and try this out! :D

High School AU Fanfiction Prompt

Enter a ship, get a prompt.Now with even more possibilities!

Crée ta propre fanfiction !

La fanfiction dont VOUS êtes le héros

you reading fanfiction

you when you read fanfiction

The next fanfiction will be about

Stuck writing a fanfiction? Well look no further! This generator will give you material you can use to get an idea about what to write next!

Hetalia Fanfiction

what do you write?

f(x) fanfiction

wat did u do when u met f(x) ;)


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