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Your Famous Last Words

Words that everyone will remember you by. You only die once! (Now with charts!)

Famous Lover

Who loves you secretely?

aaaand your famous last words are

what would your last words be?Warning: some might be random some might be v sad , and some are idk

Total Drama OC Generator

hey there campers i heard u wanna be famous

Your Wizarding Wand!

Ever want a wand like the famous Harry Potter? Here is your chance to head to Hogwarts!

Date with Akechi Goro

How would your date with the famous detective prince Akechi Goro go?

Your otome game!

Which famous otome game is the most suitable for you?

What is your pirate crew in One Piece known as?

What is your crew known for? Which sea are they famous in and is your captain a warlord or emperor or just a normal pirate captain.

If You Were Famous...

What job and nickname would you have?

Creepypasta sexual partner

which one of the famous protagonists of creepy pastas visits you friday nights after a few drinks?

inFamous Conduit

Generates your Conduit power and specializations. Minor spoilers across the series, completed 27/01/15.

What will you be famous for?

what does the future hold for you chump

What is your porn star name ?

Under which name would pervy people know you if you were a famous porn star ? Check this out now !

What character eats you?

You come across a famous character from somewhere, a cartoon, anime, or video game. Maybe it's just someone from your every day life. But what you don't realize is that the moment they lay eyes on you, they want to eat you! But who is it ?

Will you become famous?

What's your chance of being famous?

Glee Shipper

What Glee ship will you become famous for, and what's your most well-known story?

which famous bangtan bomb are you?

i tried to include all the ones i remembered

Your Fame Story

How will you become famous?

Your Favorite Antrho character

Who is your famous anthro husbando?

What is your yuri OTP?

What famous anime lesbians do you ship and are they canon? Find out! (list expands whenever I feel like it)

Who is your FAMOUS NAME in the future?

Diagnose who is your real famous name in the future.

what's your high school rumor

why are you infamous

Your Vocaloid relations!

Find out your relations with Vocaloids/Fanloids/Utauloids for fun! XD Only the famous Vocaloids are included. When it comes to romance, choose the character of the gender that you prefer.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

A popular snack among wizards, the term "every flavor" is quite literal -- anything goes, from cinnamon to earwax. As their creator put it, "a risk with every mouthful"!Will you give Bott's infamous beans a shot?

Personality Test Simulator

What is your personality like after meeting the world famous Izz Lim?incase this shit goes viral ima plug my insta here: @izzizolimamo

Your horror icon crush?

Tells you your famous horror character crush.

What Famous Shindan Are You?

Oh hoh, meta Shindan! Also includes the Shindan ID so you can copy and paste into your browser to do it.
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