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Demon Slayer OC Creator (New Sun Conqueror Demon!)

What kind of swordsmen will you be if you were in demon slayer? Give this a go and find out! (Update: Added a chance for your species to be a Sun Conqueror Demon, 1/130 chance!)
Demon Slayer OC Creator (New Sun Conqueror Demon!)

Demon Summoning Program

What demon will your COMP summon?

Top or Bottom with which Demon Slayer character?

How are you in bed and with who?I'm gonna do this for all my main fandoms lolThink of it as aged up if you get one of the younger ones please oof, no pedophillia thanks -_-;I will do one for the pillars and upper demons specifically as well I think!

What's Your Demonsona!

There's a lot of Sona's out there, fur, cat, dragon, nurse ,witch, persona and now demon! Find out what kind of demon you'd be~ However due to length you probably won't be able to share the full results on twitter. Whoops :'D Enjoy it none the less!!

What Demon Deal Did You Strike?

Those Kemono Demons are everywhere these days. What happens when one visits you? Did you take the deal or resist their wiles?

Which DOOM monster are you?

You are the demons.

Top or Bottom with the KnY demons

Back at it again with my bullshit

Magical Pair of Wings Generator

For Fairies, Angels, Demons and anything else

demon oc creator

demons from my personal universe but hey! you can make one too

Demons Race

Diagnoses your demon race in SMT series.

Which demon are you?

Find out what demon of Hell you are - 72 demons edition

Yokai Generator

Inspired by the stranger demons found in folklore. What spirit, beast or object is haunting you?

Demonsona generator!

Generates a demon girl 😳✌🏻Feel free to change some things to fit your own gender how you see fit! e.g e-girl to e-boy or anything in between the two :-) this goes for all the gender-specific results i may have put in here

Your Devil Survivor stats and skills

What kind of abilites would you have in Devil Survivor?It includes Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2 skills, from demons and humans.



Which mythical being are you? (Japanese version)

Demons, ghosts, ghouls, mythical beasts or folk deities - which yokai are you?


Adopt a Devil Survivor demon today.

Heaven sent x hell bound

A war between angels and demons with a cambion leading the demon army and an archangel leading the angels

What Doom Monster are you?

So, you're the demons now. But the question remains... Which one? Find out here!

Your (Nocturne) Demon Partners

Which three demons will you fight alongside? (SMT III: Nocturne roster)

Your Onmyoji life

Just chilling in the courtyard with a ton of demons.

Personification Of Wonderland

Hello There My Dear!~ I am the Personification Of Wonderland. I am dearest cousins to Arthur Kirkland (England)/ Oliver Kirkland (2PEngland), and few others Countries/States.(Admin: Are You One?)Maybe to Some demons, as well.

demon companion

generate a demon buddy! can be either a demonsona, an oc, or just a concept for what demon would be friends with you!feel free to tweak or redo your results! this is for insp and funi'm sorry if i worded things wrong or if there's typos! limited space

Demonslayer oc maker


Satan Highschool

aka Sathanos Gakuen: Mystery of Goetia is a visual novel about a high school in a remote region of Japan, where several of the students are apparently vessels for evil spirits & the faculty are rumored to be resurrecting demons.

Your Demonsona <3

Find out what kind of demon you are!

Your Aphmau Partner

Find out which Aphmau character is your partner! *My Inner Demons not included*

if you turn into a demons


Negaseven Demons

create your OWN boy[or girl][this generator is for private use within a fictional world]

Star Soul Date Generator Pain Pain Death Pestilenc

Conquest, Pestilence, War, Death.The Devil's hordes of demons awaken to conquer the earth and make it their 10th circle. Very simple, once again, extra pain and suffering awaits those who have good results with Catastrophe.
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