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Neil's Christmas Gift

It's Christmas time! That means Neil gets to hand out gifts to everyone, as Santa's favorite deer. Are you nice or naughty?

Your Christmas Present

Santa Claus is coming! Find out what's inside ur present!

Snow Day With Boyfriend(k-pop)

There was a blizzard overnight and now you and oppa are snowed in on Christmas Eve!

Who in A3 will give you a Christmas present?

What will they give you? Find out????? :0

[Obey Me] Spend Christmas with the Demon brothers

Which demon brother will you be celebrating the christmas this year?

Xmas Transformations

Through strange circumstances you've been transformed into something related to the Christmas holiday.

Christmas Present

What will you get and from who?

Predict Your Christmas Presents

What are you getting for Christmas this year?

Christmas FE Heroes Generator

What would this character be like in a Christmas themed event?

What's Your Christmas Elf Name?

You're a jolly elf working for Santa. What's your name?

Christmas is in Danger!

Can you save it!?

whose ass will u eat 4 christmas dinner

christmas is Fun time and great for eating an ass

Encouragement Christmas Cake

2 young man dressed as santa giving christmas (fortune cookies) cake to everyone they meet in the way. what does the cake say to you?

Merry Christmas!

Event Erog

Your Vocaloid Christmas!

Vocal Synth Christmas for you ☆

Star Pointer : Christmas Shindan!

Tentukan nasib anakmu di hari spesial Natal, dengan shindan ini! hehe! Have fun! o(*^▽^*)o

Bangtan Boys

You fell in love with Jungkook in the middle of December, during Christmas, he recorded a Christmas song cover just for you.

who is your gotard valentine

find out who ur gotardian valentine is this year #gamerchristmasmonth

What did you get for Christmas?

I wonder if you've been good this year

How Would You Die in a North Pole Murder Mystery?

So, you took the Christmas elf and job generator, and you found out that you were a victim, that you kicked the bucket, that you bit the dust, that you---basically.......you were murdered. So how will you die? Let's find out.

Your Christmas Gift

Reverse Happiness Edition ☆

Secret Santa

Huma Christmas

What's your Christmas Elf Name and Job?

It's that time of year again.

Merry Christmas


KNK at your annual Xmas Lunch

KNK members as THAT family member in your annual Christmas Lunch

Align the Force: Life Day Gift!

Enter your christmas Gift Code here

iReader Happy New Year & Christmas Party

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