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Your Rule 34 Canon Character Furry Date Simulator!

Do you have feelings for furry animated movie, video game, or cartoon characters? Well, now you can randomly date one! Let's see what shenanigans happen!

[VORE] Toon Vore Generator

It's a classic cartoon setup; a predator chases their prey through various capers. Only this show is a little different; more often than not the predator wins! That'd be all fine and dandy, if you weren't the prey. See how your pred catches/devours you!

Character Transformation Suit

What Happens When You Wear a Character Fursuit And Turn You Into Your Favorite Character from Cartoon/Movies/Games/Books (Pokémon Included).

What Does The Character Eat?

When Your Favorite Character (In A Cartoon/Movie/Video Game/Book) Eats You (WARNING: NSFW)This is Inspired by Shadowstar5293.

Make a 90's cartoon

Generates a 90's saturday morning cartoon title

What character eats you?

You come across a famous character from somewhere, a cartoon, anime, or video game. Maybe it's just someone from your every day life. But what you don't realize is that the moment they lay eyes on you, they want to eat you! But who is it ?

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team From Various Video Games, Movies, Anime, Cartoons, and Books.

Your English Voice Actor

Find out which AMAZING voice actor would voice you in an anime, cartoon, or video game. :)

What is your kintype/otherkin?

On top of there not being many, I've noticed the other shindins have some unreasonable answers. So here's my take on it. There are no specific characters from TV shows, anime, nor cartoons.

Your card game deck!

If you were a character in a Saturday morning card merchandising cartoon, what deck would you use?

Dungeon Toon Sim

You are in the cartoon world, entering a dungeon. What lies ahead, who knows?

Art Style Meme

Want to try drawing your Original Character in a different art style of some of your favorite cartoons/animes/video games/webcomic/manga?

Neko Atsume Cat

What kind of cute cartoon cat are you?

You must fight a Cartoon Character

Some of these cartoon stars are looking for a battle. Who wil you be pitted against?

Sam & Max Ship Generator

Find out your "Sam & Max" series OTP! Contains characters from the comics, cartoons, and games. (This is just for fun, please don't take it seriously.)

What type of Sym are you?

The web cartoon "Computer Showdown" tells the stories of Syms: beings that are sentient representations of computer hardware and companies. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBF0CAF7F4A846727 This shindan will tell you what type of Sym you are!

Toon Trap Generator

Find out what cartoonish crude mischief you fall into!

Spider-Man cartoon

Which one are you?


Striving artist and cartoonist and total weeb

Ton personnage de cartoon rétro

Tu voudrais connaître quel personnage de cartoon rétro, comme Felix, Mickey ou encore Cuphead serait associé à ton nom ? Tu es tombé au bon endroit !En collaboration avec Rizzaii

Czech Little Mole Character Generator

What Czech Cartoons Do

Halloween cartoon type

well yeah. Happy Halloween

Which Spidey Cartoon are you



Wooshie Woosh


Hey everyone Sami here and just wanted to say hi

KAT the Cartoonist

Just a girl who likes to draw
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