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Are you an angel or demon?

Check your placement on the heaven/hell spectrum.

Demon or Angel

What would you be

What is Your Government Assigned Obey Me! Kin?

Are you a demon, angel, or human?

What does your angelic self look like?

See what guardian your angel is, as well as their wings and aura color.

✧what kind of an angel are you?✧

find out what kind of an angel you are, your wings and where you live.

Angel OC Generator

Appearance of an Angel.

Angel Generator

body horror tw

Short Boyfriend Generator

based off of wrangelisland's Tall Girlfriend Generator

Magical Pair of Wings Generator

For Fairies, Angels, Demons and anything else


What would your Eva Unit be like?

Small Girlfriend Generator

inspired by @wrangelisland's Tall Girlfriend Generator

What's your Angelic rank?

If you were an Angel, what rank would you belong to... if you don't already. [[Version.1]]

how angelic are you?

if ur not 100% angelic, i will personally 100% delete your kneecaps.

Type of Angel

If you were an Angel, what type would you be?

Who is your Evangelion Partner

Find your partner in Evangelion 8D

You will (not) survive

What will you do at the Evangelion 3.0 screening?

Magic weight set [FMG]

[Female Muscle Growth]You are unsatisfied with your current shape, so you decided to head to the gym and get in shape. After entering you see a strangely glowing set of weights and decide to use it for a workout.

your angel kintype

find out your official, god-assigned angel kintype. no refunds.

Evangelion Pilot Personality!

Which Eva Pilot Are You?

What Supernatural character are you?

Are you a Winchester, Demon, Angel, or something else?

Evangelion Date

Who will you Date, what will you do together, and how will it end? (' v ')

Create an angel


Evangelion Days

You're sent to live in Eva's Tokyo-3! How will you pass your mecha-filled days?

What Kind Of Evangelion Are U

Beclauss Can Suck It Down

Angel Beats character

Whose Angel Beats character are you?

Angel oc maker

make an Angel oc

Who in Stray kids is your guardian angel?

This test will show you who in Stray kids is your guardian angel! 👼

Which Angel/Demon Are You?

Are You Michael? Or Lucifer? Diagnose yourself to find out!
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