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How much of each dere are you?

Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.

Simp Test Official

Yall are simps I already know

Likes & Dislikes

If you have trouble coming up with likes and dislikes for your OCs, here ya go. I'm always stumped on those. I'm open to adding to the list too!

Yandere meter

find out your yandere precentage!

BL Yaoi-type lover

What kind of a lover in the BL Yaoi world are you? Let me draw your results!

Yandere Simulator Student Maker

Note - For best results, enter your FULL name for diagnosis (you don't have to worry about middle names ^_^)Become a student at Akademi High School with the Yandere Simulator Student Maker! Discover your complete student profile with this generator!

Your Furry Vore Experience

What's eating ya today, or maybe you're the one who's hungry?

Siapa kalian jika masuk dunia anime ?

Ingin tau jadi siapa kamu jika masuk dunia anime ? masukkan nama panggilan kamu dan lihat kemana takdir membawamu.Baca Juga- Bagaimana jika kita terjebak di dunia Sword Art Online ?Dan artikel tentang anime lainnya di >> http://burung-net.co

who's ur seventeen sugar daddy?

put in ya name and cash in w ya babe

idol profile

your profile as an idol group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. can find out your graduation reason here:en.shindanmaker.com/654223

Siapa Pacar Kamu di Dunia Anime ? (Khusus Cowo)

Mau tau siapa pacar kamu di dunia anime ? tulis nama panggilan kamu dan lihat siapa jodohmu. Informasi tentang anime menarik lainnya silakan kunjungi http://burung-net.com

ur yaoi romance

how yaoi is ur life find out

Maho Test !

seberapa maho nya kamu ?? ayoo test disini !

Your Hentai Life

As the title says. If result is of same gender, then it's yaoi/yuri

energy alignment

let’s see what kind of energy that you got

relationship with mx

100% real kihyun monitors this himselfbtw you're gonna be marrying who you're dating bc in this house we're all loyal

What kind of Paladin are you?

Come to see what part of Voltron you are, what your bayard is and what kind of relationship you have with your lion!

Hentai Test

Seberapa Hentainya Kamu ? Cek disini . Masukkan nama panggilanmu dan lihat seberapa hentai kamu.


pokesona generator because i got pokemon moon a few days ago, and because i can.

your exo life

what happen if u married with exo member

How kinky are you

Let's see how kinky you really are

Character Info

Name: Owari MounoshikiEye color: BlackHair color: BlackHairstyle: Like Kirito'sReputation: HighPersonality: NiceCrush: NoneClub: Light MusicStrength: Very StrongOwari's 'Dere' type is Yangire, and he loves watching anime and reading manga

siapa yg sedang jatuh hati padamu?

siapa yang sedang diam diam menaruh hati padamu..

What type of -dere are you?

Type in your name to find out which -dere you are(tsundere, yandere, dandere, kuudere, deredere, himidere)

Kekuatan Super Kamu dalam Anime

Cek disini apakah kekuatan super yang akan kamu dapatkan jika kamu masuk ke dunia Anime!


seberapa pintar anda di dunia nyata
Read more
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