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Genshin Impact OC Generator

What kind of Genshin Impact OC would you have? This OC could also just be you, but Genshin Impact-ified! Edit: Natlan information updated & changed "Frost" to Ice.

Look into your future!

Find out what your future is gonna be like!
Look into your future!

What are your stats as a waifu?

How good of a waifu are you? Take this shindan to find out!

whats ur a/b/o status/scent

i am NOT a furry this is just fun a nd jokes I SWEAR IN MY LIFE JUST LAUGHS

My Hero Academia Quirk

What's your quirk?

What’s your true position?

The highest result is your true (bedroom) position
What’s your true position?

Your Waifu Score!

Find out what makes you such a great waifu >:3

Whats your type?

What type of person are you into?

What is your "hentai" trait? [Hensuki]

The girls in the fanservice rom-com anime "Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?" have a variety of "hentai" personality traits. What's yours?Stream new episodes of Hensuki every week on FunimationNow!

Demon Slayer OC Creator

What kind of swordsmen will you be if you were in demon slayer? Give this a go and find out!

jujutsu kaisen OC creator

discover what's your life in jujutsu kaisen

What's your Vtuber persona

find what you would be like as a Vtuber

Demon Slayer Breathing Style

Find out what your breathing style is.

What dere type are you as a Vtuber?!

Find out what dere type you are owo

What's your role in bed?


「Your Stand」

What is your JoJo stand?(includes chart :^)

Magical girl generator (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

What would you look like if you were a magical girl!!!!!!pls tag me in drawings of your mahou shoujos !

how drippy are you

by any means neseccary
how drippy are you

what your demon version looks like

this is you as demon

what do you smell like lmao

uh oh.........stinky.............
what do you smell like lmao

Waifu meter

What percentage are you a Waifu?

Seven Sins

What is your biggest sin?(Values range from 1 to 10)

What are your stats as a husbando?

Heavily inspired by @polypholly's "What are your stats as a waifu?" but for...husbandos.

Your Ideal Type

What is your ideal type?

True Gender

Are you TRULY sure what your gender is?

Life in Genshin Impact

What would your life be like in Genshin Impact?

Wonder transformation!

Your sudden encounter with a fate you never imagined. What will happen to you today? Transformations that may change your day for good... or not. Share your results by taking a picture of it!

You're the Protagonist

What is your show about?

Anime/Manga Character

What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?

What is your lolicon level?

Test how big of a perverted lolicon you are!
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