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Your More Alternative Furry Vore Experience

For those who like the weirder sides of vore and prefer a more alternative way. Not safe for work and generally odd

Ultimate Transformation Spell

You find a mysterious book with weird writing in it, and decide to try it out, and suddenly you change in more ways than one.

[R-18] BL Role!

WARNING: Contains NSFW stuff. And weird af fetishes.(Comment any fetish I might've missed and I'll add it ;))

Your Gay Furry Hookup

is rly good.There are some weird rare results shuffled in...

Who's your La Squadra boyfriend?

which one of those weird food men from part 5 are you dating

Unusual Game Overs

More weird perma TF stuff for you nerds.

Furry Sleepover: Shrinking Shenanigans

Sleepovers - those magical nights that turn into mornings as you pass the hours away with good friends. Tonight wouldn't be any different, but that weird soda from the host shrunk you down! Hopefully these beast boys don't take advantage of you...

exo ew

its weird

brainweird aesthetic generator

warning for ableist slurs reclaimed

Expanding Trinket Generator

This new trinket you found is pretty, but you're starting to feel a bit weird...

On a date with NCT

You're on a date with a NCT member, but weird stuff happens.

Living with NCT

What would living with NCT (OT21) be like? Weird or weird?

What's wrong with you?

There's something weird about you...

Character Quirks!

Make your character that much weirder. Birth idiosyncrasies for your characters, be it habits, hobbies or hobbits. If a disorder/condition generates, please make sure to research it extensively before applying it to stories.

Party hard with Stray Kids

Oof well have a weird party with the boys from Stray Kids!

Party hard with NCT

Have a party with NCT!~ (Caution: VERY weird stuff ahead!)

Your Weird Death

How will you die?

Your own very weird encounter with GOT7

By very weird I mean so weird the results will probably make you wonder why I'm not in a psych ward yet 🙃

Knowing the inner work of a hero! NSFW

You've been thrown into a random place. And as you shake off the dizziness, you look up and see a hero/villain! They have a weird look in their eyes. What's about to happen??

Create your Weird Law!

Set crazy laws for your followers! Successfully enforcing them is another story. ヽ(・ω・)ノ

Your trolltag

What weirdness of a trollhandle will result?

Weird Twitter Name

because the other one wasn't really that good

Cum power/type 2.0

(nsfw) Update to my old "Cum power/type) got rid of the weird chart and made it a little more unique and creative

Something weird happened...


Your Overlord Race and Class

Due to the limitations of Shindan maker:-Your 2nd caster class and crafter class will be the same level-I can't add racial levels for heteromorphic races or demi-human races.-If anything seems weird or out of place, blame Shindanmaker.Have fun!

drawing prompt generator!

a generator to help u with what to draw! some combinations might end up a little weird !! might add more to this as time goes by

Who is your Danganronpa Husband

Find out who your Danganronpa husband is! featuring characters from all of the games and Danganronpa 3! Except for the Warriors of Hope, that would be weird.

Your freaky/weird life in the world of Naruto!

It is a little freaky. But funny! Your life in the world of Naruto! Check my other shindan`s. ;)

Weight gain prompts

A prompt generator for weight gain related writing, drawing, or roleplay.Made for longer lasting stories with multiple scenes/panels.Sorry if some of the wording is a bit weird, but this is mainly for ideas.I may add more to this at some point.

Weird and Wild Reality Shifts

After discovering a small bubble of energy, you curiously walk through it, unaware that the bubble's energy is changing you. What have you become as you walk out of the other side? (All results are sentient)
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