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your weeb name

you're weeb af and there's no going back so why not screw yourself up even more

Weeb Check

What is your weebage?

How much of a weeb are you?

100% accurate!!!!!!!!!!

Normal, Furry, or Weeb?

Are you a normal person, a furry, or maybe a weeb?

What Kind Of Weeaboo Are You?

There's many, but which one are you? (Warning: Can be NSFW. Or should I say... Ecchi desu~)

How Trashy are you?

Are you the ultimate weeb trash?

Weeb Name

Find out your sad and lonely weeb name.

You're An Aneemu Now

You're now in a shoujo aneemu/mango, you piece of weeb trash. Ya ready for that?

How much do you love your waifu?

Lets see if the love is real weebs

Perfect Husbando

Generates a cute anime dude. From the same weeb who brought you Perfect Waifu. (Updated)

How Big of a Weeb Are You Today?

Measures your percentage level of Weeb on any given day.

??? how much % are you ???

find out how many % of impulsive, tired, weeb, waCk, soft, ugly, and edgy you are

Your Weeb Score

This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "Weeb Score."

Weeaboo RT Dare

RT dares to tweet like a weeb

are you boyfriend material to me?

at least a 2 in emo,at least a 3 in big spoon.at least a 1 in weeb,at least a 2 in caring,at least a 1 in soft,and boom, you're boyfriend material

Anime Weeb Test

This will show your true anime stats!

Weeb Percentage

See if you're a full ben or if you're ronan

What kind of person..?

Are you a dumbass, a top, a bottom, a smartass, a bastard... or a weeb?

Are you a weeb

How much of a weeb you are

How Weeb are you

This will see how much of a Weeb you are

What percent weeb are you?

Are you curious? Or just bored?

What type of anime would you be in?

anime weeb kool

Weebinator 9000

English to Wapanese name translator. prepare for cancer

Your sucky animoo experience

Serves you right for being a weeb

F*ck, Marry, Kill (The Lingo Show Edition)

Who would you end up with? ;)

How much of a weeb are you

See how much of a weeaboo you are. This is my first thing so sorry if it sucks

Weebfest Valentine

Who's ur weebfest valentine xddddd

what would your game in death parade be

you weeb scum better take this damn shindan right now or i bet my sweet mama's ass that i ain't gon work no mo on deez sweet ass sugary sweets that you may as well call a pump ass shindan
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