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What kind of Warrior Cat are you?

What would your life be if you were a cat in Erin Hunter's Warriors series?

Warrior cat OC Generator V.6

What colour pelt? What Breed? How many kits? Who is your mate? All answers in this installment of Warriors OC generator.

Danganronpa UDG opinions

Here you can find out what Komaru, Toko and Warriors of Hope think of any character or person!

Warrior Cats Callout Generator

Why have you been cancelled?

Super Sentai Motif Generator

A generator for the five-colored warriors.

Who is your Danganronpa Husband

Find out who your Danganronpa husband is! featuring characters from all of the games and Danganronpa 3! Except for the Warriors of Hope, that would be weird.

Your Bikini Warriors Character Stats!

See what kind of Bikini Warrior you are, inspired by the anime at funimation.com/bikini-warriors! Tweet your results by 9/15 to win #BikiniWarriors merch!

Tribe Cat Generator! (Warriors)

Create a random cat from the Tribe of Rushing Water! Sorry for any strange names.

Who is your Danganronpa Wife

Find out who your Danganronpa wife is uwuCharacters from all 4 games and Danganronpa 3! Except for the Warriors of Hope that would be weird

Your DW Counterpart

Which Dynasty Warriors character are you?

Warriors Naming Ceremony

Receive your Warrior (or Medicine Cat) Name and Official Clan

Your Dynasty Warriors Waifu

Dynasty Warriors

Warriorsona Generator

A non-canon compliant Warrior Cat sona generator, with all the canon options included alongside many, many non-canon options.. *Edit: Added eye colors!

Warriors Name Generator

Find your warrior cats name!

Your Dynasty Warriors Fan Character

Become a Three Kingdoms-era military officer today!

Ten Legendary Warriors

Which Warrior represent you?

ur emotional support warriors cat

ever wanted to know who your emotional support warriors cat is? wonder no more bc here you are

Sengoku Musou Waifu

Samurai Warriors

wcd persona

your very own warriors community discord persona from another universe

Dynasty Warriors Pairing

Get yourself a randomized pairing between two characters of the Dynasty Warriors series. This uses the roster up to DW9 (Sry if you get two family members)


your very own warriors community discord persona from another universe... remastered for 2021
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