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Dirty VIXX~ <3

What will one of VIXX's members do to you? <3 (please don't judge me, it's my first shindan xD)

1,2 dirty dirty beat~ KPOP

for fan girl 'kpopers' [BAP,EXO,NUEST,VIXX,BTOB]

Which VIXX member

Which VIXX member is your soul mate...

lets fight the idols

whose ass would you kick? who would kick your ass?groups included: The Boyz, Monsta X, NCT, VIXX, BTS, Seventeen, Stray Kids, Ateez

Your VIXX Husband

VIXX fans and all

A Date with VIXX

Determine your perfect date with VIXX.

VIXX one night stand?

You've woken up next to a VIXX member...

Cray Cray Night With VIXX

Y'all... vixx are some nasty folk

VIXX friends!~

Who from VIXX will you befriend with first?


thing happen with Vixx

Your UKISS & VIXX line

your story with ukiss and vixx

vixx soulmates

who is your soulmate in vixx and why....

what does vixx think

what does vixx members think about you!??!?

meEting vixx

what happens when u fucking meet vixx

VIXX children

Find your VIXX child here o.o

your date with VIXX???

i hope it ends well....

VIXX date

Describes which VIXX member you will date and where he will take you.

Vixx Mixx

Vixx mixx

Vixx asking you

A question for you... Maybe a favor?

U-VIXX House Party!

This is some crazy party! Get turnt up with U-KISS & VIXX members.

dirty vixx.....???

you'll see what happens

Your VIXX Tutor

Check this out if you want to find out your VIXX private tutor.

vixx presents!

someone in vixx got you a present, what is it?!

your date with vixx!

who will take you on a sweet date?

Marriage with a VIXX member

Your VIXX member husband to be...

Date with Vixx?

How will it turn out?!

what if you were in vixx

what would you be and who are you friends with


Who is your Vixx boyfriend?

ur gay date w/ vixx

its rly gay sorry

VIXX fanfic generator

Need new ideas for your vixx fanfic?
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