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Personality Traits

Discover your true personality traits!

Cookie Run OC Maker 2

more in-depth OC maker for Cookie Run! with more flavors, personality traits, etc.

Personality trait test

Find your TOTALLY ACCURATE personality traits and their percentages here.

What is your "hentai" trait? [Hensuki]

The girls in the fanservice rom-com anime "Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?" have a variety of "hentai" personality traits. What's yours?Stream new episodes of Hensuki every week on FunimationNow!

Your Steven Universe Fusion!

What is your own fusion, and their traits?(Do name1 x name2, or their names together/ ship name.)

VTuber Traits

Determine your personality and habits as a VTuber!

PP check

PP traits test

Personality traits %

Something clearly made for fun. Are you shy, confident, maybe sarcasm runs in your blood? Find out!

Your real self

Discover what traits you have inside and out.

Generate an hentai OC (nsfw) (English)

Measures, weight, age and traits.

Random Character Traits/Quirks

Get inspiration for characters with 3 random traits. I tried to make it so there's nothing contradictory or repetitive but it's hard with such a long list!

tumblr personality trait gen

there are only so many personality traits you can legally have so how do you rank on all of em // this diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart

Rounded Character Personality

A simple shindan to give a name some positive and negative traits.

Fantasy Traits

Your title and most important stats in a fantasy world.

Personality traits!

try it out

multistats personality traits

based on several tumblr alignments

Style Check

A few style traits to give u aesthetic (or horrible) wardrobe ideas!! :)

what type of demon phannie are you?

learn your phannie traits

Personality traits !!


Your Fantasy Characters Traits

your fantasy character traits [updated 1/18/18]

Create an OC

Find inspiration to make an OC based on the 5 OC Design Alignments (+ some random traits to help)

Monster Girl Waifu Finder

Within the encyclopedia there are 200+ monstergirls, all hungry for some lovin. But the human doesn't pick, the monster girl does. Find out which one would choose you. Now with random appearance and personality traits.

What animal traits and personality do you have?

Find out what random animal traits you have for the day, both physically and in personality!

Personality diagnosis ^-^

Just a quick diagnosis on your personality traits!

Your Sims 3 Traits

If you were a Sim, what would your traits be?

The Sims 4 Sim Trait Generator

What are YOUR The Sims 4 traits?


when you wanna create a character without putting thought into them :D (PCO = perceived by others. PCS = perceived by self)

Random traits or something

kind of just random. a test.

Random generator traits character

Deduce traits, what he likes or dislikes and what scares him.
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