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On a date with TXT

Imagine having a date with TXT!

ur Romantic kpop story

it's the romantic era b we goin 19th century. nct wayv bts loona twice shinee itzy txt

Bad H Scene Generator

(squelch... squelch... squelch... squelch...)sourced mostly from @E_Hentai_TXT and misc. eroge

txt - who is your soulmate?

stan txt y’all :)

txt energy


Your relation with kpop maknae's

groups included:- nct (127/u/dream)- bts- txt- exo- red velvet- backpink- stray kids- twice- ioi- wanna one- seventeen- wayv- shinee- exid- gfriend- monsta x- day6- astro- the boyz- got7

who is your txt boyfriend




Who kills you in the apocalypse? (And how?)

Which K-Pop idol kills YOU in the apocalypse? And how did they do it? Includes: EXO, BTS, Seventeen, TXT, Bigbang, Shinee, NCT, Blackpink, Mamamoo, EXID, GFriend, SNSD, Red Velvet, 2NE1, KARD and soloists.

txt as your twitter mutuals

your interactions with txt on twitter !

Your Past Life with TXT

Find out who are you in the past

TXT bias

i'll choose your txt bias

School Life With TXT

This is a joint effort between me and @taedropss. *DISCLAIMER* Everything in this is made to be as ridiculous as possible.Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to school with TXT? Well, now you can find out!

What's your patronus?

What animal is your patronus, and how clear is it?Made with https://github.com/hzlzh/Domain-Name-List/blob/master/Animal-words.txt .

youtube life with txt

have fun hehe

TXT mafia


TXT Soulmate

Find out your soulmate in txt!

your txt placements

you! you're the one that i want~ you! everything that i want~

˜”*°•.˜”*°• choosing a txt bias for u •°*”˜.•°*”˜

having trouble choosing a bias in txt? i've got u fam

Camping with TXT


Any Female Born After 1993

Any Female Born After 1993 Can’t Cook, All They Know Is McDonald’s, Charge Their Phone, Twerk, Be Bisexual, Eat Hot Chip And Lie 😉😂😂😂loonarmytxtoncestaymiyanemydayshawoluvcaratwayvzens follow me on twt @creativ_cadence

your txt bias wrecker

hueningkai, yeonjun, taehyun, soobin, or beomgyu

which twitter squad (squad_txt) meme are u

find out ur squad meme
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