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What is your Semblance?

Semblance! Get your semblance here!Probably not accurate for the show exsude I just looked up superpowers lmao

What is your superpower? Physical and mental. v2.0

What's you're super powers? You can have multiple.

You in MCU

So... you want to be in the MCU? I heard you want your superpower and want to become a superhero. Or a villain, I won't judge. (Dead characters and future characters are also included)

What's your superpower?

if you could have one

What's your useless superpower?

Based on a funny pic.

What is your superpower? Physical and mental.

What's you're super powers? You can have multiple.

What Superpower Do You Have?

What kind of superpower do you secretly wield? Find out here. (Now with even more powers!)

What are your powers?

Because we need another one.Use for quirks or something.Results change daily.

Your unique superpower?

Here you can find what your unique superpower is. These super powers are not ones like "flight", "laser vision", or "superstrength". These are much more creative than that :3

-Superpower Generator-

Doctor rang up says your superhuman. Let's see how super...[Note: I'll be adding more superpowers almost daily]


What kind of superpower would you have?


This is all of your superpowers!

Which Superpower do you have?

Self explanatory.

What is your special power?

You are bestowed a power with which to save the world.... better hope its a good one

What is your superpower?

let's find out~~

What would your superpower be?

I hope you all have good powers :D

What's your superpower?

Will keep updating.Unsure of what your power is?Check Powerlisting.wikia

Your UNordinary Ability

Your UNordinary Superpower.

SUPER HERO: power-chart

This diagnosis will tell you what superpowers you will developAnd your skill statistics.

What's your Power? Part 1

Find your true superpower!There will be multiple parts. There are a LOT of superpowers :D

What kind of superpower do you have?

F i r s t S h i n d a n ~ I h o p e y o u l i k e i t ~

What is your My Hero Academia Superpower?

What is your superpower?

What do you do with your superpower

Everyone has a hidden ability and this shindan is predicting what good thing you'll do with it (๑>؂•̀๑)テヘペロ

Superpower Randomizer

Randomizes superpowers from this wikihttp://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Supernatural_Powers_and_Abilities along with some motifs that you can work with

Superpowers and more!

Find out your hidden abilities!

What are your two powers? [70+ options!]

What two superpowers do you have?

u as a jojo character

information taken from jojo's bizarre wiki and the superpower wiki (:

Unordinary Ability (Daily)

Your Daily Superpower

What Super Power do You Have?

Your superpower can be almost anything
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