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Demon Slayer Breathing Style

Find out what your breathing style is.

Super Waifu Generator!


What Anime Art Style are you?

You now live in an anime. But what anime's art style does your anime look like?

Character Info

Name: Owari MounoshikiEye color: BlackHair color: BlackHairstyle: Like Kirito'sReputation: HighPersonality: NiceCrush: NoneClub: Light MusicStrength: Very StrongOwari's 'Dere' type is Yangire, and he loves watching anime and reading manga

How will you die? MSPA stlye!

Gives you an MSPA style death! Changes daily!

Royale High Random Avatar Generator!

Use your diagnosis to dress up your Royale High avatar!Note: You can pick any hairstyle and any color/pattern for the skirt and heels.

Gym Leader Creator

Describes clothing style, type and move to use outside

Who are you in BanGDream?

🎶updated!since theres a limit to lists, you can draw/modify the hair in some sort of hairstyle you want and put some accessories (ex. glasses, hair clip, etc.).you can also use this for oc purposes.

What kind of Ghoul are you?

Find out your Rank, Weapon of Choice and Fighting Style.

Your fighting style

What tactics do you rely on in battle?

MLP Random Character Generator

Generates a MLP-style character description.


If you enter a certain deserted, Japanese-style mansion...


Dungeons and Dragons-style alignments.

Inflated Alter Ego

What is your alter ego...With a puffy twist! Enter a name of choice and see how a given alter ego/occupation/life style plays out. All of the results are quite...Expansive to say least. Totally SFW and not gender specfic. Will get more results over time.

EXO Avatar!AU Fire Nation Military Rank

Find your rank, superior and how badly you get knocked out during a battle-- exo-avatar style!

whats ur tf2 playstyle

what kind of awful player are u

Love Live! Character Creator

Find out your attribute, year, singing voice, and music style if you were an idol in the Love Live! verse.

Character Creator [Basic Appearance]

includes hair style, eye style, hair & eye color, moles/freckles, and fashion style

One Piece Fighting Style

How do you fight in the One Piece world?You can decide how many pistols or what type of launcher/sword/gun

Furry Bara Fashionista

Get style advice (and maybe a good romp) from a high fashion bara fur


gangnam style..lol~ (title say it all) change daily

Madoka Magica Magical Girl Generator

Mew mew style, Mew mew grace, Mew Mew power in your face. Just kidding.

hentai lifestyle

lets c how kinky you is

Your Furry fantasy RPG Role

Find out the extensive lifestyle you would be able to live in a fantasy world as a furry.

What is Your Fighting Style?

Shows how you fight

Stardust Crusaders Stand Name

Enter your name and get a stand title in the Stardust Crusaders style.

RPG Fighting style and Attribute

Will determine your role in a team.

Yowamushi Pedal date, team, and biking style!

What would you be like in the Yowapeda universe?

Are you stylish?

Find out what style you have.
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