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Blimp Generator

Some silly fetish thing~

Some OTP drawing prompts!!

Enter your otp for some cute and silly drawing prompts! Some may be nsfw.

yet another Ship AU/Prompt shindan

Why yes, it's another one. Put in a ship & get a random prompt, AU, or quote! A lot of these are super silly. Try changing the capitalization for new ones. (Updated March 2017)

-UnOrdinary Ability Generator- [Daily Change]

This is based of UnOrdinary. It involves actual abilities but also some fan made named abilities [Silly and Serious].

Which Pokemon is your lover?<3

Not the silly trainers, moron. THE ACTUAL POKEMON. (Gen1 Only oops ;w;)

Why are the Utapri boys angry?

What have you done to annoy these boys?? A silly collab with @grinnsley because these shindans were getting too nice...

Transformative Thirstquencers Unrestricted 2

[NSFW 18+] The BAPZ for you, without any silly limits or regrets. Bar tended by @ikksplicit. Still thirsty? Try another name and combine your results. Restricted (tweetable): https://en.shindanmaker.com/636561

Your League Title!

If you were a champion of the league, what would your title be? Silly results are possible here.

FE3H Hot Take Generator

get your (incredibly silly) hot takes here

Silly Name + Attack

I don't even know

Random Hetalia pair generator

Find out which silly couple you get!

What's My DBZ Power Level?

A silly joke thing I made.

Your School Regret

What do silly schoolyard mishap do you regret most?

Uta No Prince-Sama - A Night with Quartet Night?!

The title probably makes it sound suggestive and I'm sorry to dissapoint you, it's not (unless you imagine it to be), but it's not as silly as most of my other shindans!

Wreckstate Monster Generator

find out ur inner monster based off my ocverse. You, too can have a pal just like wreckstation. make your own silly sentai/power ranger style motw!!

unhinged-silly billy, feral-proper axis

alignment alignment alignment

What type of cake are you?

Just a silly little shindan! If you're an artist, maybe you can draw your creation! The formatting is a little bit off, sorry if it's annoying ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

Your New 'Sona

Like fursona or witchsona, but I'm making most of these up from the top of my head (and most are silly). You can also use this for characters.

Sort of Shippy prompts

sometimes angsty, sometimes silly, mostly ridiculous. Enjoy your day.

What kind of animal are you

you silly animal

Random Personality Generator

silly character personality generator (i think i'm funny, ymmv)

Silly Animal Maker

Gives you the design for a silly animal!

Silly Strengths, Weaknesses, Immunities PLUS

Punch in a name and see what your strengths and weaknesses are.
Silly Strengths, Weaknesses, Immunities PLUS

Character Questions

To go with my Ship/OTP Questions one. Enter a name and get a question (or two), for inspiration or whatever. Lots of questions ranging from simple and silly to serious. I tried to make ones that would fit all kinds of characters, but some might not apply.

Work Nickname from an Inside Joke I Have

This is silly.

your opm life

this is completely random and silly.

What are you as a CPU Goddess?

A silly Neptunia shindan. Says what you're like as a CPU Goddess or Goddess Candidate. Changes daily. (Does not include canon/semi-canon CPU colors: Black, White, Yellow, Green, Purple, Iris, Orange, and Cyan)

Which Dance with Devils Chara will you date?

Put in your name and find out who you will be matched with. just a silly thing for fun, some joke results included.

Your Government-Assigned Smash Bros. Main

the title is self-descriptive. will probably add more as more DLC fighters are added. (disclaimer: this is just something silly i made for fun and not meant to be taken seriously djfhcsdmlfg)

your exo husband!!!

which exo member do you marry? and where did you marry them? {some results may be silly}
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