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Date A (Love) Live

What will your dream evening with your school idol waifu be like? (µ's/Aqours/A-RISE/Saint Snow/PDP)

Life in Saint Seiya verse

What your life will be like in Saint Seiya verse?

Saint Rowlem


¿Que caballero de Saint Seiya eres?

¿Que personaje de Saint Seiya eres? (Ojo que los resultados son al azar y cambian día por día)

Your Saint Seiya Love

Who you should end up with?



Saint Seiya Husbando/Waifu

find your true sainto rabu ^_^ Original+LC+ND+Omega



Saint Seiya Date ♥

exactly what you bargained for


Watch your back side

Gold Saint

Saint Seiya: if you become a Gold Saint, what Zodiac you will get?

Who will be your romantic partner from Saints Row?

Find out your mate from among your crew in Saints Row IV.

What's Your Pope Name?

DISCLAIMER: Before officially declaring your name, look up the last guy on Wikipedia. Many of these names would not be good ideas! Don't like your name? Try again tomorrow for another one, or pick a new name here: http://catholicsaints.info

Communes de France : Loire (42)

Ptn la Loire c'est Saint Étienne
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