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FNaF Robot Generator

For develobing a FNaF Robot. Mainly for me.

What kind of Cybertronian are you?

Find your robot spark!

Robot girl generator

Generate a robot girl character!This one is a bit detailed so it probably won't play nice with twitter

Robot Master Generator

Find out what Robot Master you should create and what their boss weapon would be.

Robot anime maker

Turns your name into a robot anime title.

SRW original robot name generator

Generates an original robot name based primarily on SRW stuff.

robot test

what kind of robot are you

If you were a Transformer

If you suddenly became a giant robot.

What Robot Master Are You?

Find out what mighty boss robot you'd be before getting your butt kicked by Mega Man!

SRW robot stats

Use with the robot name generator (http://en.shindanmaker.com/509451) to get your own robot!

SRW robot setting generator

Generates a robot's setting info.

What kind of robot are you?

It describes your looks and functions as a robot.


Find out what kind of robot you'd be!

What Super Robot are you?

How hot is your blood?

Ideal Robot Partner

Find out what robot is your ideal partner!

what megaman robot master r u?

****why can't the titles be longer

Which giant robot will you get ?

It's war ! Russia or whoever invaded and it's time to fight back with your very own giant robot !

Robot you

find the robo-you!


Find out your favourite robot's dreams.

Robot generator

Ever wonder what robot you could be? or maybe you just wanted a robot companion? give it a try!

How long would you last after the apocalypse

Zombies, Robots, atomic bombs? It doesn't really matter, your skills are what matters! See how long they would let you live in this new world.

You as a robot/Your mecha

What it says on the tin.

Your Robot

As a genius inventor, it's only natural you decided to construct a robot companion. How did he turn out?

DMMD/Vocaloid crossover ship generator!

Because they're a natural pair, really.

Commie twitter bio generator

Stop working hard to be funny and let the robot create your very own communist twitter bio!

Your Anime Mech

ever wonder what your giant fighting (and possibly highly marketable) robot would be? lets find out together! (or alone...ya freaking loner)

What is your cooking level?

Old fashioned 2007 cooking. Straight out of the classic mmorpg oven. This will determine your cooking level. Are you a master chef? Or are you a McDonalds cooking robot?

What Kind of Robot are you

If you were a robot what would you be like?

Link Vrains Background Generator (AIs)

This is an add-on to my other link Vrains generator focused on giving the genned character (or one you already have) ties to the plot. Note: this is one for artificial intelligences/roboty characters. some results won't make sense. i tried.

Chicks Monsters and Robots

Lonely but friendly.Exentric.Passionate
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