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Haikyuu!! Female OC Generator

Generates a simple description of a female Haikyuu OC.

how drippy are you

by any means neseccary

Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 1)

Face description

Perfect Waifu

Generates a name and description of your perfect waifu. (Updated)

Which Greek God/Goddess are you?

Major gods/goddesses & their descriptions included ♥

who will you marry???

A description of your future husbando or waifu

Your stripper name

The name you should take if you are a stripper

Your Gay Male Furry Exotic Dancer Generator!

Time to spend a nice evening at the local strip club and check out some of the hot dancers! With a wallet full of tip money you ponder just which furry dancer is going to appear on stage and what kind of show he is going to perform.

Mukamu mirip siapa di anime ? (Cowok)

muka muka kalian mirip siapa di anime ?

Female Furry Persona Generator

A very descriptive Shindan which helps choose features for a furry persona

What is your anime description?

Can be for making new OCs or just for fun! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Inner Giantess

She drinks a glowing vial of time-release growth serum. It will bring out her inner giantess & personality. The vial shatters in her grip as it makes her stronger. None of it cuts her, she is now invulnerable.

Drawing Challenge

A basic description for a character to be drawn.

tom nook has a vice grip on my bank statements

basically who are u as an animal crossing villager!!! i made this bc im love animal crossing ok

Your V-Tuber persona

Detailed description of your V-Tuber persona

What's Your Stripper Name?

Find your stripper name and what strip club you work at.

Your touhou lewd life

Enter your name and figure out your lewd trip in Gensokyo!

Strip game stereotype!

Which stereotype girl in hentai strip games are you?

The Sports Drink ( Female Muscle Growth )

You take a trip to the Gym, get dressed and start your workout routine. You wipe the sweat from your brow and suddenly there's a Blue tinted sports drink in front of you with the label "Chimera Gainer" a free sports drink. What could go wrong?

Furry Junk Swap! (Male-Only)

Place your genitals in the machine, press a button and have them swapped with those of another anthro!(Please enter a description of your junk)

Anime Yang Mirip Sifat Kamu Di Dunia Nyata

Anime Yang Mirip Sifat Kamu Di Dunia Nyata

Potion Tester

Drip the goop Witch needs a new tester for her potions, looks like you've volunteered!

Siapa member Girl Band yang mirip denganmu ?

Siapa Member Girl Band yang mirip denganmu ?

MLP Random Character Generator

Generates a MLP-style character description.

RPG Skill (Description)

Just description. Use it wisely.

Idol Anime/Game Brand Generator

Need some names for an Aikatsu/PriPara/Dream Festival/Original Brand? Try this!

Undertale/Deltarune Monster OC Generator

i've wanted to make one of these for a while. i tried to make it as descriptive as possible! have fun!! (note: some answers may not make much sense, and you can tweak your character as much as you’d like!)

What -dere type are you?

What, you expect a description?

What Type of Witch Are You?

find out what type of witch you are i didn't think you needed a description-
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