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what is your butt like?

butt future prediction

Enstars event prediction

idk hahaha who need event prediction when u can be a productive member of society

Your Inflation Prediction

Use this to predict how you or someone else will inflate! One of my smaller, less complex Shindans. Again, suited for a mostly feminine audience.

Prediction of your future!

This future prediction is scary accurate!!

debut prediction

how ur group will flop or top for their debut

How Will YOU Fail?

A prediction of how you will fail today.

Your OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire Journey!

A prediction of your upcoming journey into the revamped Hoenn!

AWFT Bird Predictions

what kind of bird would you be in the AWFT universe

Encore love prediction

Extra challenge: come up with headcanons with the results

ABDE Future prediction

Will your character go insane or not?
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