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can you fight god?

hi!! this is just a "god"/all powerful figure in general!! not trying to be mean against ppls religions

Your PP size

This diagnosis uses big brain to observe your pp and determine its power level

What's YOUR God/Goddess Power?

What do you control as a god? Find out!

Your special power

what power do you have

Defeated by a Horny Monster

You're beaten in combat by a powerful monster and it has its way with you. The question is, which and how...

What’s your UwU power level?

Find out your UwU power level

What is your Semblance?

Semblance! Get your semblance here!Probably not accurate for the show exsude I just looked up superpowers lmao

Curse Level

Diagnose your cursed power.

Gemsona Ability

You've tried the Maker and weapon, and you have Standard gem abilities, but what is your unique power? If you want to mix it up, use your real name AND your gem name, and have 2 powers

Anime Power Generator

Find out what power you'd have as an anime character!

What is your superpower? Physical and mental. v2.0

What's you're super powers? You can have multiple.

What is your power/weapon?

What power or weapon do you have? From the ability of flight to the ability shape shifting. From the zanpakuto to the Death Note (or vice versa).

What Power Do You Have?

find out what power you have

You in MCU

So... you want to be in the MCU? I heard you want your superpower and want to become a superhero. Or a villain, I won't judge. (Dead characters and future characters are also included)
You in MCU

Your unOrdinary power.

Shows your unOrdinary power chart.

Elemental power

Which of these elements would you like to control: fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, light, or dark?Now with new powers!: Mind, life, draco, and metal!

What is your Power Level?

Dragonball Z fans everywhere, find out what the scouter says about your power level here!

Touhou Maker

What are you, what's your powers, and what stage are you in?

Superhuman Ability

It is not a power, but something only you can do.

How strong are you in a Battle Anime

you can test what power do you have & how strong are you inside of an battle anime. *PS : please check out my latest version of this shindan in here: https://en.shindanmaker.com/744163

Your EXO Power

See what your power! XD

Your Eye Power!

Now the real question is it in both eyes or one?That's up to you!None of these sound familiar? Look it up at powerlisting.

Your esper power

From To aru Majutsu no Index / Kagaku no Railgun

Your Stand

Find out what's your stand and what are its powers!

What's your superpower?

if you could have one

Mahou Shoujo Generator

Transform into a magical girl! If you draw anything based on the results and post it on tumblr, please tag it "mahou shoujo generator"! Feel free to leave suggestions for magical adjectives, powers, titles, colors, or motifs.

Create a witchsona

Find out your witchsona! Including power level, magical specialty, elemental strength, witch marking and familiar.

What's your useless superpower?

Based on a funny pic.

Mobile Suit Gundam Generator

Randomized mobile suit generator. For the MS Pilot>>>https://en.shindanmaker.com/591149[INFO: Any weapons+GN Drive= GN particles powered weapons] Just google anything you don't understand.

Random power/weakness generator

Generator I'm using to generate random powers and weaknesses.
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