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How Fattening Will You Be?

Simply input the name of a predator (someone you know, a species, a crush, whatever!), and we will calculate how much you'll be fattening them up after they eat and digest you! Also can be used to tell friends how nutritional they are!

what donut are you??


Your Nut Streak in DDD

Congratulations to all of you who have passed NNN, but I'm afraid that another challenge awaits, and it is known by many as Destroy Dick December. In order to become this year's Nut Champion, you will need to nut more times than any other.

which 4minute member are you

find out which 4minute member you are

Monster design idea generator

this is mainly for personally use and helping me with character ideas but go nuts i guess

What is your Cybertronian colour scheme?

Give or take, most Transformers have around three different colours on their bodies no matter how minute or massive the amount of any given colour.

7 Minutes in Naruto heaven

Who you gonna kiss?

How Funny are You?

A Chart that scales your:Humor, Dark Humor, Jokes, Dad Jokes, and Puns.Go nuts.

Your animal fusion!

This is just a simple thingie I made in under 30 minutes please be patient with meeee

My Husband

EXO, BAP, 4minute, BtoB, TeenTop,VIP

What kind of donut are you?

New donuts added occasionally!



Your Life in a lot of nuttshels

Wtf is your life about m8

who will be your future soulmate uwu

this is very reliable, i can confirm.


Get your illegal name here! The format is [Trait/Skill] [Brand] [Crime]! Go wild, go nuts!

What will happen to you in twenty minutes

Who even knows

Your Assigned I-chu kin

i did this in like 30 minutes i have nothing

The Big Ole Nut

see if big nut yes or no

What Baby are you



In a nut shell, Iihitoency calculates your いいひと score. 本家→http://twifficiency.com/

Did you fail No Nut November?

Title explains it all too well

Winter unicorn

It's about a winter unicorn

Your Horrible Diet

"My Plate" but More Nutritious


Nutella Cookies

Nutritional Sticky Bar Maker

Take some sticky fruits, protein-filled nuts and healthful additives and stick them in a food processor for a gooey mixture that when mushed together, flattened out, and cut makes a yummy bar!

Ima nutt

He gonna bust a fat one
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