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What VN Route Are You?

Find out your own Visual Novel character route!

Light Novel Title Generator

Find out the name of the Light Novel you will star in.

Which Mo Dao Zu Shi Character Are You?

Which Mo Dao Zu Shi Character are you? (from the animation, not the novel)

You're a Visual Novel Protagonist (Edit 10/13/17)

Tells you what a VN with you as the protag would be like. Genres, producers, and content may be conflicting. By no means complete.

Isekai Light Novel Title Generator

Create your dream isekai light novel

Visual Novel Creator v1.91

You're the protagonist of a visual novel!

What does your future hold with your husbando?

For the fans of my visual novel, Extracurricular Activities.

Fictional Female Crush/Waifu

If you need help creating a female love interest for a novel/story,check this out!

Which DR character are you?

which danganronpa are you? includes both games and novel!

High School Visual Novel Character Generator

What will your character be like in a High School Visual Novel?

if you draw female from fgo in other art style?

what happen if you spend money to commission artist to drawing your favorite female character in fate grand order in other mangaka/game/light novel artist art style on you fanart? (update at 12/10/2019)

Your Magical Girl Raising Project OC

OC gen for the light novel series Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

your rejet game ending!

rejet is one of those popular visual novel maker mainly for girls, let's check out which game you'll fit and which guy you would end up with~! (ofc site: http://rejet.jp)

if you draw fgo male in other art style?

what happen if you commission to draw male character in fate grand order on other notable mangaka/game/novel artist art style on you fanart? (update at 12/10/2019)

The Main Character: Detective

Who would you be in an Detective Novel?

Your Isekai worlds genre

what genre is the game/novel/anime you got isekai'd into?

Disturbed Moe Girl Generator

In the visual novel of life, what kind of cute girl with a dark secret are you?

Priest Novel Universe OC Generator

what kind of character will you be in a priest novel?

What visual novel character cliche will you be?

Type your name in, you cuck.

Romance Generator

For romantic comedies & teen novels, and more

Your manga (unrealistic)

I always like when there’s a fantastic touch or just a little bit of supernatural in series,novels,comics,mangas and anime series so here you go!

Ethereal Heart - Godsona Generator

Shameless little plug for an in-progress visual novel, Ethereal Heart. Check it out at navacandi on tumblr!

What's the title of YOUR cheesy romantic novel?

Are you Lustful Cookie, Or Persuasive Persuasion? Find out now.

light novel title creator

based on only the finest literature known to mankind

Just for you!

This is the special Visual Novel shindan just for DarkDesperado25

Which Disgaea Character Have A Crush On YOU?

find out your disgaea crushUPDATE:now with characters from the light novel and re-added only main characters

Your Light Novel Title

Generate the next popular light novel series title!

Your Role In The Arcana?

Ever wonder what your role is in the visual novel “The Arcana”? Find out now!

Your Ascenion character

Based off the visual novel from Rinmaru games.

Satan Highschool

aka Sathanos Gakuen: Mystery of Goetia is a visual novel about a high school in a remote region of Japan, where several of the students are apparently vessels for evil spirits & the faculty are rumored to be resurrecting demons.
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