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Your Rule 34 Canon Character Furry Date Simulator!

Do you have feelings for furry animated movie, video game, or cartoon characters? Well, now you can randomly date one! Let's see what shenanigans happen!

Which character are you?

Which anime, video game, movie, ect., character are you?

What does your character look like?

What is the appearance of your anime, movie, video game, ect, character?

Zootopia OC Maker!!!

Create a fun animal citizen. ;3

Your RWBY Love Story *Girl Edition

Storytime :)This is one for people who like women.Men will come up, but I've been recently traumatized by the Bee Movie!

Which Persona 3 Character Are You?

Find out which of the Persona 3 crew you are most likely! (Note: I'm using video game and manga names only, I've seen the movies but I like these names more.)

Horror Movie

Starring you...

You as a Film

What kind of movie would you be?

Character Transformation Suit

What Happens When You Wear a Character Fursuit And Turn You Into Your Favorite Character from Cartoon/Movies/Games/Books (Pokémon Included).

What will you be?

Are you the main character, the villain in the last movie? What will be your weapon???

Your horror movie fate!

Do you make it out alive, or are you just another victim???

What Does The Character Eat?

When Your Favorite Character (In A Cartoon/Movie/Video Game/Book) Eats You (WARNING: NSFW)This is Inspired by Shadowstar5293.

Make a Harry Potter OC

Create your own original character for the book and movie series, Harry Potter.

Lights camera burping

Put the name of a character in and see what kind of movie they would Star on as a pred!

Lifetime Movie Title Generator

The trash movie of your life. Create titles the level of genius of 'Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?' and 'The Babysitter's Seduction'. It works better if you put in a first name and a surname.

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team From Various Video Games, Movies, Anime, Cartoons, and Books.

Shitpost maker

I just fed it the script of the bee movie

Action Movie

Starring You!

what movie archetype are you?

what movie character tropes fit you?

What kind of horror movie are you?

We all love a good horror movie. However, horror is personal.

Insane Daily Fortune!

Contains insanity, anime, tv, games and some movies characters ._. (I'm sorry.)


hollywood's gonna make a movie about YOU, but you cant play you, especially if ur asian. which white actor or actress will they find to star in the movie about YOU?

What would your role be in a horror movie?

Yeet goes the weasel

School Life Anime Movie Summary!

An anime movie starring you (as a schoolgirl), set to tear apart the audience's hearts. How sweet!!

Burnish OC

Generate a Burnish character based on the movie Promare. Don't expect fully serious answers.

Whats your main weapon

What is the main weapon you would use if you were a character in a game, show, movie or other media

Your Community Role

The Community franchise expands, being remade in other countries, sequels, spin-offs, and movies! Find out what role you play.

Michael Bay made you a movie!

How many explosions are in it?

Your Ao Oni fate

first time making a shindan and what better way to start than by making one out of my biggest hyperfixation.all the deaths are based off canon deaths in the games and movies, also theres only 1 "survive" option so most likely ur gonna get eaten F
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