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Loona biasses based on birth months

Loona bias from birth month. Try out my diagnosis, Im really bad, but this is my first one... follow my tt @sanasenthusiast

BBC entertainment

loves loona and twice pretty and humble

Random LOONA song

title ↑↑↑

Your LOONA highschool life

How are you related to loona in highschool?

relations with 3rd and 4th gen kpop girlies

includes gfriend, twice, dreamnote, loona, nature, fanatics, redsquare, izone, dreamcatcher and many more

loona members compatibility

loona compatibility

your loona life

lmao pls tt ; @kpopgrande

your debut in loona

how your solo would be if you were a member of loona?

Loona does crime

stan Loona

Hight different with loona


qm te odeia menos no loona?




You as a LOONA Member

Find out who you would be as a LOONA member! Includes your positions, animal, color, solo and role in the lore.



Which Loona member will kill you?


loona life playlist

how do loona and loona songs fit into your life? includes b-sides and predebut songs!
loona life playlist


What Loona goddess are you??😍

SSFWL Stats!

Stats of your character. Stan Loona.

loona as your twitter moots

loona on stan twt bro

loona as your coworkers at a coffee shop

you work together. it be like that.

kpop suburban bake sale feud

you too can imagine your life as a suburban house spouse in a mortal feud. bts nct txt loona twice wayv shinee blackpink red velvet.

ur Romantic kpop story

it's the romantic era b we goin 19th century. nct wayv bts loona twice shinee itzy txt


stan loona

ur life as a loona member's roommate

this quiz is a joke i think

who’s ur loona soulmate?

find out who ur real loona soulmate is🥺

how many braincells do you share with loona?

how many braincells do you and a loona member share and how are they divided? let's find out.

what are your loona sun, moon, and rising signs?

assigns a loona member to each of your sun, moon, and rising astrological sign!follow me on twitter @jiwooyeri :D
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