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What is your stand?

Find out what your JJBA stand would be.

JJBA stand generator!

randomly generates a stand.

Who is your JJBA boyfriend?

Find out which character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is deeply and undeniably in love with you.

JJBA OC Generator

Get your Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character! (with stand)

Which Jojo villain is your husbando?

Main villains only

Who's your Jojo daddy?

Find out which JJBA character is your daddy. (2/3/16: added more daddies)

What is your JJBA stand?

Including name, ability & stats

Who is your JJBA girlfriend?

which lovely jojo lady are you dating

Which character are you from JJBA ?

Find out who you would be ! ( up to part 6 )

which stand do you get killed by

which jjba stand kills you

Your JoJo Death

How will you meet your demise in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Warning: slightly graphic.

Who is your JJBA roommate?

I am so sorry/you're welcome in advance!(Part 1-7 characters because that is all I have read so far)created by @doppiosfreckles <3

Which JJBA OP/ED are you?

includes yt links.

JJBA Part 9 generator

Enter your name and reveal your role as the protagonist of part 9

Who is in your study group? (JJBA Edition)

I am so sorry/you're welcome in advance! (Only Part 1-5 characters) created by @doppiosfreckles <3!!! Please note !!! This diagnosis does include failing grades.

What's Your Class Schedule? (JJBA Edition)

I am so sorry/you're welcome in advance! (Mainly part 1-7 characters) created by @chrollosbangs <3

You as a JoJo character

Might add more later.

Your True JJBA Kin

its literally only the bad characters

What’s your JoJo character and Stand

Find out your JoJo name, and stand. Also find out if your character is a hero or villain.

Who’s Your Original JJBA Protagonist?

Find out your original character, part, and Stand ability.

Let's create your stand! (Descriptive)

The original kind of stand within you, wanna know about it? (kind of descriptive, please credit me if you really use this to base on your OC)

Which JJBA character are you?

Find out which Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character you are!

Who do you kin or simp in JJBA

Hello ("OwO")

Who is your Uber next driver? (JJBA Edition)

I am so sorry/you're welcome in advance! (Mainly Part 1-7 characters because that is all I have really read so far) created by @doppiosfreckles <3

How strong is your stand?

Find out how strong your stand would be in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
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