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Are you an angel or demon?

Check your placement on the heaven/hell spectrum.

Who’s your genshin Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Hello! This is a diagnosis on who your genshin bf/gf is. (Reminder: This is all a joke and just for fun.

nct as your twitter mutuals

hello im not an ot21zen

Hazbin Hotel OC Generator

Make your own resident of hell from VivziePop's series, Hazbin Hotel!

which member of ateez is your soulmate ??

hello !! tell me your name, and i’ll tell you who’s your soulmate in ateez !!

Your Demon Form

Now, you may finally witness the horrific creature that you will forever wander the bowels of hell as.

What are your top 10 nhentai tags?

nsfw - im sorrysome things get censored and sometimes i have no idea what the hell they are

Hello, [USER], my next toy.

Next intimate thing you're gonna get used as. [NSFW]

Your Demonic Form

If you went to hell, what would you look like?Inspired by Hazbin hotel

What is your FUTURE?!

Hello I will be your fortune teller today how may i help you

— school life w/ seventeen 🍨

hello guys i’m back from the dead and i’m here to give you a lovely ‘school life with seventeen’ shindan, enjoy lmao


what happens in hell or heaven?

which nct song are you? [u p d a t e d]

uh hello it’s been a year n pls stream kick it xx

How Big a Boy are you?

Hey, how Big and Boy do you think you are? The hell do you get off, acting like a Big Boy?!

your nct ot21 energy alignment

what hellish combination of ot21 are you??

What Are You Going to Hell For?

A test to see what sins are taking you to the deepest depths of Lucifer!

Your Demon Life

Well, here you are in hell. Flames, screams, it's got it all. You think it can't get worse... and that's when you feel yourself changing...

Your Touken Ranbu husband

Saniwas in sword boys hell


heLLO MY NAMe is joNGDAE And i'M HERE BECAuse i wANT TO SHow you somETHING.

Your Koopa Self

Without realizing what it is, you have just picked up a Koopa King Shell power-up and been transformed into a Koopa King. So, just what kind of Koopa King will you be?

IDOLiSH7 ship generator

Generate some ships. Fall into rarepair hell. Suffer

Danganronpa art

Hello, Ultimate Artists! If you want to draw something Danganronpa related, but have no idea what to draw, here are some ideas!

Warrior Cats Generator 1.0

Fur Color/Fur Pattern/Eye Color/Skill/ Skill Level/ Weakness/Gender. If Calico Or tortshell, cancel out gender or color.

Your punishment in hell

What shall you receive?


Who the Hell did you cheat on me with?! >:O

Animal Character Generator

Intended to align with the animal characters from my comic HELLO FROM HALO HEAD (hellofromhalohead.com). But you can use to make up random animals OCs or as a drawing prompt or whatever else you want.

When you'll quit twitter

How and why you'll quit twitter
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