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Are you an angel or demon?

Check your placement on the heaven/hell spectrum.

Haikyuu Matchmaker

truly a match made in heaven


what happens in hell or heaven?

Which god/goddess is your parent?

You're a demigod in a mortal world. Who's your heavenly parent?

Will you go to heaven?


How gigaoppai are you?

For those who wish for their busts to reach the heavens. Of course, you can just use this as a starting point and grow from there.

How god are you

Let's see if you deserve a place in heaven...

How You Die in Corpse Party

Describe how you die (or alive) in Heaven Host Elementary School in Corpse Party

7 Minutes in Naruto heaven

Who you gonna kiss?

Which monster girl will you be violad by today...?

May heaven grant you...fortune?(It's best you check the MG Encyclopedia if you're confused/need definitions.)

Heaven or HELL

Where will you go in your afterlife?

Welcome To Utapri World - Updated!

An update of my old shindan, with more variety (and weirdness). Enjoy~ (Also includes Heavens this time!)

Your Nogizaka46 Heavenly Queens

Find out who your Nogi heavenly queens are.

Utapri Shuffle Unit (Updated!!)

So my original shuffle unit shindan was missing Heavens, and after the anniversary announcements today, I figured it needed updating! So, here's Heavens as well!

What's your reward in heaven?

i know everything

Colour Palette Meme Prompt Generator Free! Version

Don't have requests, but wish to do some color practice? There you go! Made mostly with this http://deathinheavens.tumblr.com/post/101043837743 in mind, but can be used with other palettes.

Heaven sent x hell bound

A war between angels and demons with a cambion leading the demon army and an archangel leading the angels

Where in the universe do you belong?

heavens bodies swirl around uswhere are you?exoplanet? nebula? out in the blue?

What's your JJBA Eyes of Heaven fighting style?

There are many fighting styles in JJBA: Eyes of Heaven, but which one do you have?

Are You Going To Heaven, Hell, Or Be Trapped?

A fun little game to see if you are going to end up in heaven, hell, or trapped between as a wandering spirit. Not to be taken seriously, this is just for laughs!

Your NMB48 Heavenly Queens

Find out who your NMB heavenly queens are.

Your Virtues

Which of the 7 Heavenly Virtues apply to you?

will you get into heaven?


Your Eyes of Heaven Dialogue with...

Let's random the Eyes of Heaven dialogue you interact with other characters! (A lot of references from skullgirls)


Everyone on Earth has just lost their lives. It is time to judge your souls and your life in order to send you to heaven or hell!

What Faction Are You?

Find out what faction you are in Heaven’s Lost Property

a little girl

the center of the group, main dancer, and have ability to dance in the God way. her glimpse will make you fall for her immediately and her glimpse will make you stuck and wondering "how can an angel fall from heaven in front of me?"
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