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Your BTS Fortune 🔮

is ur BTS fortune looking bright or bleak? 🤔

Super Weight Gain Fortune

Find out the legacy your giga gut will get to live!

Fate Grand Order Male And Female Interaction

based on @TheUnhappyMeal , the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/363657Some results I made by myself.Diagnoses your fortune with FGO Male And Female characters!update at 12/10/2019 add new servant

Hunter x Hunter Interaction

Diagnoses your fortune with Hunter x Hunter characters.

Fat Fortune Teller (extreme)

Tells you how fat you will become. (This is meant to be unrealistic)

What is your FUTURE?!

Hello I will be your fortune teller today how may i help you

Your Misfortune

What sort of embarrassing misfortune would you go through today?

Your Fortune

What will happen in the future?

What does the giant diviner predict of you?

You've heard tales of a draconic, fifteen foot-tall fortune teller who divines the future primarily with his feet, though he seems to be bigger in every tale as time goes on... When you enter his lair, how and what does he divine of your future?

Your Lunar New Year Bull Transformation!

You go to read your fortune for the new year, this one being the Year of the Ox, and instead of wealth or prosperity, some other transformation comes your way!

Your Vore Fortune

Put your name into the VoreFortune Calculator to see what the odds of success in certain settings will be! (AcornTech is not responsible for injuries or poor decisions as a result of this technology. The definition of "success" may be subjective.)

Daily Fortune-telling ☆

find out what will happen to you!

Which monster girl will you be violad by today...?

May heaven grant you...fortune?(It's best you check the MG Encyclopedia if you're confused/need definitions.)

Daily Fortune Shindan

*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゚゜*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆

League of Legends F/M/K

Who do you screw, who do you marry, who do you kill?(For those that don't know, MF means Miss Fortune and TF means Twisted Fate)

Your Weight Gain Fortune

You got a mysterious note about your upcoming weight. What happens to you?

Magical Girl Fortune

What sort of magical girl are you?!

Your BTS World Fortune


Your Fortune with NCT127

Your new favorite y/n fantasy

Recommended Music Fortune.

Recommended music For You.


What will happen to you tomorow

Omikuji (Fortune telling!)

What is your luck for an upcoming event..? Simplified version of the traditional omikuji. General advice.

Your Bts fortune

Y/n is that you

Chorus Battle Fortune Teller

Find out what your next chorus battle experience will be like! Brought to you by Kazou, Howl, and Vee. Enjoy!

Fortune Telling

What do you see in the crystal ball?

Random Advice

enter your name, and get a random piece of advice in return. beware of sappy crap

Fortune teller

What will happen in your future?

Insane Daily Fortune!

Contains insanity, anime, tv, games and some movies characters ._. (I'm sorry.)


Find your lucky number, color, sign, food, and item! ♥

Unique Fortune.

What unique fortune awaits you?
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