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Your Furry Femboy Fashion Model

Enter your fashion brand name and find out which cute furry femboy will model your latest clothing collection!

Character Creator [Basic Appearance]

includes hair style, eye style, hair & eye color, moles/freckles, and fashion style

Furry Bara Fashionista

Get style advice (and maybe a good romp) from a high fashion bara fur

What Kind of Otome Bachelor Are You?

Based off of Otomege Ikemen ShindanMaker. Determines your: Character, Personality, Age, Career/Dream, Hobbies/Likes, Eye/Hair Color. Appearance, Fashion, Backstory, and Good/Bad Endings!(Now with Daily Variation!)

What Should You Wear?

What fashion nightmare will it generate for you today?

What's your Lolita style?

Your Lolita fashion substyle.


tumblr girl ok fashion and cute stuffs

What kind of fashion fits you?

What type of clothes fit you? Type your full name to find out.


How does your character dress

witch oc maker!

an oc generator for witches! includes gender, fashion choice, familiars, and physical features.

Detailed OC Visual Generator (Female)

OC generator with a detailed description, I also included eye shape types, fashion main colors, and some extra.



Anime-Style Outfit Randomizer WIP

This randomizer is geared towards anime or fantasy fashion traits. The randomizer is designed to suggest outfit design traits for inspiration, not a cohesive outfit. The randomizer includes masculine and feminine traits.

What is your cooking level?

Old fashioned 2007 cooking. Straight out of the classic mmorpg oven. This will determine your cooking level. Are you a master chef? Or are you a McDonalds cooking robot?

Concept Dress Game

My sister and I created a game where you choose a random existing thing and do a fashion sketch relating to it

Animal Crossing OC Creator

Who would you be as an Animal Crossing Villager? Includes details like fashion style, favorite K.K. Slider song and more!

Become a Fashionable Protagonist!

This process will meld you into a fashionable protagonist! Duh!

Fashion design


ultPAR! :Fashion Designer


How far are you launched in the Groosenator?

For some good old fashioned Link-Launching.

K-Pop/K-Fashion Blog URL

all of you nerds are predictable

How Avant Garde are you

Fashion AvantGardness


19 years old, fashion luver

Karen Reyes

Loves Kpop, art, music, games, fashion, fun, food, etc.


Cute, Tall, Fashionista


Calm, cool, collected. Friendly, fashionable, free thinking.


my interests revolve around music, fashion, adult swim and anime
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