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How strong are the Deadly Sins in you?

Percentage meter.

Which Deadly Sins describe you the best

Good to see you sinning.


What will you be when you arise again from the dead

Whats Your Spirit Animal?

Your Fuzzy Or Deadly Animal Guardian

You in MCU

So... you want to be in the MCU? I heard you want your superpower and want to become a superhero. Or a villain, I won't judge. (Dead characters and future characters are also included)
You in MCU

Deadly Sins

Find out which sin you are and why.

7 deadly sins

What are your deadliest sins?

Are You Dead?


Living Deadly Sin

Which sin would you be and what ' powers' would it give you.

— school life w/ seventeen 🍨

hello guys i’m back from the dead and i’m here to give you a lovely ‘school life with seventeen’ shindan, enjoy lmao


what happens in hell or heaven?

What deadly sin are you?

Your Sin

WHAT ARE YOU? [Tokyo Ghoul]

Type of GhoulType of KaguneDead or Alive

What Generic Isekai Are You In?

All combinations are guaranteed to be real animes at some point in time due to this dead horse being beaten to dust.

which kpop idol is gonna kill u

welp ur dead ig

Your Sins

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins apply to you?

Your day in The Walking Dead

Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Which Dead or Alive waifu are you?

In honor of my first ever Ranked win in any fighting game! Yes, Kula and Mai are included!

What kind of anime dad are you?

Are you the dadliest dad, or just a deadbeat?

Your bounty

You're a notorious criminal, how much are you worth, dead or alive?(may or may not be One Piece-inspired)

What Disney couple is most like you and your gf/bf

Type in the name of you and your crush or gf/bf, s.o.Will include real couples that married and couples that only lasted so long :P and dead people.Anything Disney and Pixar. (Not marvel or Star Wars)

Love Live Relationship. (Muse)

Your relationship with a certain member of Muse~ (excluding hanayo. hanayo's dead.)

What is your Ideal「UNDEAD」Group

Time to mix members around!! Who would be in your ideal group for「UNDEAD」

Manga protagonist dead

If you were a protagonist in a manga, would you survive till the end?

Emo Edgy Undead Name Generator

darkness 4 my life

Dead or Alive waifu

If you live in Dead or alive universe,who will be your waifu?

Zombie Apocalypse Weapons

Imagine a deadly virus has spread all over the world and everyone is infected except you. The virus turns people into brain eating live corpses. What weapons could you find to avoid getting your brain devoured.



Your SNK Experience

Real talk though; if this was accurate everyone's results would be "dead"
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