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RT Dares

this is pretty lame but ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Twitter Dare

Can you do it?

Drawing Dare

If you are RT (x) times, you will have to draw...

Banzai's Magical Box of Transformation!

The box reads "Property of Banzai the Bat - DO NOT OPEN!" on the side. Dare to take a peek?

RT Dares!

What will you do if you get (x) RTs?

Your inner self

We all hide our true personality in public. Some of us don't even know how our true self is anymore or we didn't know in the first place. Well now you can find out ow you really are... If you dare to know.

Draw Dare Kink NSFW

If you are RT (x) times, you will have to draw...

Dragon TF Potion

Who will drink this questionable dragon TF potion? It hasn't been tested on humans yet, so it might even be lethal... Who dares?

Risky RT Dare

Another Twitter RT Dare Shindan, this one with a bit more risky results.

kurobas dare

kurobas dare shindan

SnK Twitter RT Dares

just in case anyone's bored... (there's some non-SnK dares inside too)

RT Dare Indonesian

Shindan Dare versi Indon

You're a WITCH!

Cast a spell... I DARE YA!

krbs retweet dare

a "kuroko no basuke"-themed retweet dare! based on 217054.

Dare Generator

Title says it all! You gotta do it ayt? :D

KagePro Retweet Dare

A "Kagerou Project"-themed retweet dare! Based on 217054.

RP Dare

You will act as a type of character for some time!

Draw Dare Dere

If you RT-ed (x) times, you should draw...

RT/Like prompt drawing dare

interpret your answers however you want!

Inazuma Retweet Dare

A "Inazuma Eleven"-themed retweet dare! Based on 217054.

snk dares

this is a dare you have to do otherwise you are a chicken

Fun RT Dares

Fun and harmless RT dare game

KagePro drawing Dare!

If you retweeted/RT-ed xx times (or more), then you should draw...

Weeaboo RT Dare

RT dares to tweet like a weeb

RT Twitter Dares

Fun and harmless RT dares

SnK Retweet Dares

daring dares for snk (some non-snk dares, too)

KHR Retweet Dare

a "Katekyo Hitman reborn"-themed retweet dare! based on 217054.

DanSen Drawing Dare!

Do you dare to draw this...?

Tweet Dares

Random dares for bored people
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