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Your Color (Pantone)

What color represents you? | https://www.pantone.com/color-finder | This is getting so popular, thanks you guys!!! 🥺🥰😭

Who are you as a waifu?

Hair color, height, cup size, all that. Use google if you don't understand any terms and stuff.

Furry Character Creator

Enter a name - or yours - and get a randomized, anthropomorphic character just for you!(Mythical creatures included. Unrealistic colors.)

Persona 5 Phantom Thief Character Generator

Your very own Phantom Thief! This generates a Phantom Thief from their codename to hair color. I really didn't think this was gonna be this popular...

Aesthetic name generator

Made it because why not!Colors are aesthetic and so is nature!This is my first shinda;;

Who are you as a husbando?

Hair color, height, dick size, all that. A less detailed version of the waifu counterpart (for now, anyway).

Hair And Eyes Generator

Find Out What Your Character's Hair And Eye Color Is.

Homestuck Blood Color

Diagnoses your blood color if you were a troll.

Among us sona/OC generator

Make a among us sona! Includes color, job, suit type, and what you usually are! (Crewmate/impostor)

What color of the rainbow are you?

Includes different shades/finishes, too!

Mahou Shoujo Generator

Transform into a magical girl! If you draw anything based on the results and post it on tumblr, please tag it "mahou shoujo generator"! Feel free to leave suggestions for magical adjectives, powers, titles, colors, or motifs.

OC Challenge

Two colors, a few species/human whatever ideas, sxuality, and gender.

Hair color picker

What hair color fits u?

Character Info

Name: Owari MounoshikiEye color: BlackHair color: BlackHairstyle: Like Kirito'sReputation: HighPersonality: NiceCrush: NoneClub: Light MusicStrength: Very StrongOwari's 'Dere' type is Yangire, and he loves watching anime and reading manga

Royale High Random Avatar Generator!

Use your diagnosis to dress up your Royale High avatar!Note: You can pick any hairstyle and any color/pattern for the skirt and heels.

Appearance Color Generator

hair eye n skin colors for your oc needs?

What does your angelic self look like?

See what guardian your angel is, as well as their wings and aura color.

Magical Girl Raising Project stat randomizer

Find out what would be your stats as a MGRP magical girl. Includes magical talent inspiration. EDIT 1/26/2017: Now includes aura color! Created by Starnelian (starnelian.tumblr.com).


I guess eye color.

Blood Color

What color is your blood?

Blood Colour?

Put in your name to find out your blood color.

Actual Genderswap Generator (Female)

You use your current hair and eye color

What's your color?

Find your HEX color here!

animal crossing oc generator

species, personality, goal and color schemes

What Is Your Soul Color?

Take The Shindan To Find Out!

Pantone color


Aura Color

Find yours!!

You as a Magical Girl?

What is your magical girl color, attack name, weapon, mascot and outfit like? Let's find out!

demon character generator

create your own demon! ( ≖‿≖) ✧note: all colors are in hex codes to save space!hex color ref: http://www.workwithcolor.com/pink-red-color-hue-range-01.htmto help with the horns: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B1n1LkOCIAAl_VO.png
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