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Inflation Calculator

You've been inflated... but what is filling you, and how big are you?

Living Balloon Calculator

A bit more of a realistic inflation shindan for those of you who aren't into the whole "diameter in the quadruple-digits" thing, focused primarily on air/gas inflation. You can imagine belly or body inflation, either way.

<3 Crush Calculator <3

Find out if your crush likes you back!!

Gay calculator

Why are you gay


the Stat Calculator. it does the it.All results are final, unless updating the Statulator changes the diagnosis.

The Weight Gain Calculator

How fat have you become? How have you become that fat? What will your future be like after?

Your Vore Fortune

Put your name into the VoreFortune Calculator to see what the odds of success in certain settings will be! (AcornTech is not responsible for injuries or poor decisions as a result of this technology. The definition of "success" may be subjective.)

Personality Calculator

You dont need no words

JOJO part 5 character relationship calculator

Ever wanted to calcuate yourself on the JOJO part 5 characters? you got it

Love Calculator

LoveBIrds :]

ugly calculator

find out if you’re ugly

BMI Calculator

This ain't real btw, just to make fun of people. Learn how goddamn obese you are.

Fantasy RP Species/Weapon/Armor/Element Calculator

Find what equipment your character would have.

Video Game Lifespan Calculator

Input the name of a video game. The result will tell you how long that game will still be popular.

OC Fart Type Calculator!

If you're having issues with coming up with what types of farts your OC should let loose, type in the name of your OC and see what kind of butt bombs they can unleash~

Destiny Calculator

Destiny Calculator

Virtue/Sin Calculator

A positive value means virtue, while a negative value means sin.

How much uwu do you have ?

droper's epic uwu calculator

Whole some death calculator

how you die and when 😊

Stats Calculator

Escribe tu nombre de usuario y descubre tus estadísticas como Pokémon

Strength Calculator

Strength Calculator for all

What kind of TI Calculator are you?

I made this just to meme at a smart friend.

What is your special animal?

This is just an animal calculator

Pseudofunk Shipping Calculator

Name says it all

Pana Calculator

Calcula como de buen pana eres

SinisterGH Beef Calculator

This diagnosis measures how much beef you have with SinisterGH

Rerate Difficulty Pass Calculator

whats the highest rerate difficulty you can pass modfiles on?
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