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Ensemble Stars Love Confession

You've confessed to one of the Enstars boys! How will he react?

Ensemble Stars - Graduation Day

It's time for graduation. Say your farewells to the Enstars boys!

Your BTS Boyfriend (REAL NOT FAKE)

Who is your boyfriend in BTS?

How much you fap?

Just for boys, obviously.

kpop relationships

Your relationships with some of the kpop boys

Your future BTS boyfriend

Which member will fall for you?

NCT boyfriend

i love nct

Genshin Impact Family Scenario

Who will be your brother? Your sister? Do you have a boyfriend?Let's find out

RPG Shindan 71519

oh boy another one of these

Who is your perfect Anime BoyFriend?

Diagnoses your perfect Anime BoyFriend.

Who is your JJBA boyfriend?

Find out which character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is deeply and undeniably in love with you.

which kpop idol would be your enemy?

ever wondered which idols you WOULDN'T get along with? find out here!includes a variety of both girl groups and boy groups.

Your anime boy first kiss

With who and how cool will be your first kiss? :3

BTS kisses

Bangtan Boys, who will kiss you and where?

I Married a Bangtan Boy

The story of you and your BTS husband.

Your Ideal Boyfriend

For kpopers and fangirl only :D

what kind of e-boy/e-girl are you

the many qualities of you being an e-boy/e-girl


Who is your seventeen boyfriend?

Eboy Levels

To test ebony leveness

Who In Stray Kids is Your Boyfriend?

i made this in about half an hour

Top or bottom with who in Obey Me?

Which boy will you sleep with and are you top or bottom with him?Characters belongs to NTT Solmare Corp, from the otome game Obey me! Shall we date.

who is your GOT7 boyfriend?

enter your name to find out who your GOT7 boyfriend is!

If you were a Kpop idol

Random. For both boys and girls

Who's your seventeen boyfriend?

Let's find who's your seventeen boyfriend

Who is your Hetalia boyfriend?

You want to know..

who is your enhypen boyfriend?

just for fun bwahahahah

catboy generator

Make your own catboy!(If you draw your catboy, please tag me on twitter! I'd love to see them!)

BTS: Going On A Date

What will happen with your own Bangtan Boy when you go on a date?
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