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Character Transformation Suit

What Happens When You Wear a Character Fursuit And Turn You Into Your Favorite Character from Cartoon/Movies/Games/Books (Pokémon Included).

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team From Various Video Games, Movies, Anime, Cartoons, and Books.

What is your monster girl Vtuber persona

Find what you would be like as a monster girl Vtuber.Note: Monster girls from Kenkou Cross' Monster Girl Encyclopedia books

What is your destined magic tome? v.1.0

Magic tomes are enchanted books filled with great power. Some tomes find their ways to destined users- and you are one such fated wielder. Behold the power- or utter uselessness- of the tome bound to your name!

Everglow Adventurer

Discover what kind of adventurer you, or whoever you name, is if they were in Everglow.Everglow is the world of Ponyfinder(http://books.ponyfinder.net)

Your young adult TV pilot

What will the premise of your Young Adult TV Pilot be? Based on the series of books by somebody or other!

Wizardry Bloodline

For Harry Potter related blood purity. Accurate based on my research on the books.

Your life in the FAYZ

Your life, and possible death in the FAYZ. Gone by Michael Grant.


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